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E*Vax - Look Alive lyrics

[Produced by Ratatat]

Some sound advice coming very soon
Look alive or they'll make an honest mistake and bury you
A book of lies and I'll just erase them 'til it spells the truth
Your slice of the pie's a piece of cake to move
Ready? Boom

[Verse 1]
Bit the dust, all he did is get his chin dirty
Kick the bucket cause this one ain't piss worthy
Stick him up or get stuck down in history
We're the ones throwing punches at pistols speed
Live it up, can't live it down and quit early
Thirty's the new twenty, dead is the new thirty
Lucky for you, money
This song's for two birdies
One of 'em's you buddy
Two of 'em's you birdie
Knees buckling, wheezing, feet shuffling
Beat the heat running or meet the deep shoveling
Dreams stuffed in a grease machine, pumped and released
To glean whatever piece you seek off of it
Heard that you were leaving, came to give you a reason
Take these for the team and take steps away leaking
About ten back, now who wanna dance
I got two left feet and they both in your ass

[Chorus X8]
(Look alive)
Nobody move
Nobody gets anywhere

[Verse 2]
I go from "Made you look" to "The fuck you lookin at?"
In two seconds flat, so who's testing that?
He stands up for the best place he ever sat
He catch every towel thrown in and hand it back
Tough talk walks soft and leaves limping
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Yells freeze, shoots the breeze and won't miss it
Now needs a new ring to piss in
What's that your whistling, Dixie or this shit?


[Verse 3]
Don't look now, now or now either
But here see, hear and speak evil
He's fear itself, dressed as people
Sum of all equals, "Hi pleased to meet you"
Come and get beat to each punch you throw, guy
Sore fist that is known to clean a whole clock
More chips on his shoulder than the old block
Short distance to go to where the buck stop
More stiffers turn splinters push the
Happiness to no penis, pussy
Can't beat this, the holy shit rookie
Dust his thumbs clean of crumbs from tough cookies
The kid never let a bully hit him
He keep his head up even if he need a pulley system
Listen, hell is one hell of a town
You ain't on your way out, better change up your route
You're walking around in a lion's mouth
And finally finding out this ain't the way to your house
Part of me biting down, part of you's chewed up
Best of luck finding out who did what
Sheets tucked, see what? We wasn't looking
Oh oops, no proof, ate all the pudding
Push came to shove and asked for help pushing
Shove flashed a gun, no one knows where push is
"Oh no you didn't" is different than "No you couldn't"
Oh no this isn't insisting you bite the bullet
Go hold that foot in your mouth and start munching
Once you're done you can run your shit pun in-
Tended for all contenders and whodunnits
Got something to lay down the law on its stomach
Up against the wall, hands in the air
Nobody move, nobody gets anywhere


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