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E-Trou Beats - You Know lyrics

[Minus The Modest]

[verse 1]
From the back of a dim lit room
Where I can hear the people screaming for me
Is this what I wanted
Or is this what you wanted for me
Which of the two of us writes the story
Are you there to control me
Or are you there to support me
Something don't seem quite right
I believe we're being played and it's enough to realize
That it's all in our hands
No it's not in the plan
To keep it one hundred my brother
I really don't know what to think
I been looking for answers
But lately it's helping to focus on me
Put my faith in myself and I'll leave it at that
No I lay me down to sleep
If I shall die, bury me, with a bottle of Jack
I promise I'm not gonna change
I'm keeping it simple and sweet
My pockets are picking up change
I'm being all that I can be
Not stopping till they know my name
Nobody is making me leave
I come for their diamonds and fame
I'm leaving with everything
My mother told me boy go get you some cash
My brother told me if it happens too fast
Then it's not gonna last
Just a flash in the pan
Do you understand
It's all in the way that you carry yourself
We them boys in the band, don't need nobody's help

And you know I be doing everything I wanna do
And you know I'm about my paper just as much as you are
Who are you
You're a shooting star that found a place inside my heart it's true

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Up now, we're up town, we're all around
Sit down and think about, you're thinking how
We get out, we get out, we're all around
Cause I been getting my bread up now
My bread up now

[verse 2]
Take a chance with a real one like me
Do your dance if you feel how I sing
If you can't keep it real than don't be
Around me cause I will make you leave
Keep your ass at a tilt make it swing
She's bad but I'm willing to teach
We act but it's feelings we need
I mean that, you're hearing me preach
Something don't seem quite right
I believe we're being played and it's enough to realize
That it's all in our hands
No it's not in the plan
I told her to call me whenever she's ready to settle down
If ever she's feeling down
Or if she even just needed help
I could give you advice
I could give you the things that you wish for at night
I'm here for you now just like then
Only difference there is, is the fact that I'm under these lights
I know there's a price
For the meaning I'm trying to find
Now I'm on the road
You're still back at home
Guess we should have known
You don't get what you pick unless you buy it
Who gone love me then
No love for the kid
Show up let it rip
Get it lit, this it
Blow smoke in the whip
Choke hold, hold it in
Jokes told, stomach split
I'm the shit, no pretend
Overdose on dopamine
It's loco, it gets so obscene
I plead the fifth unless you talking bout the color green


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