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E-Trou Beats - Knocks lyrics

[Mark Carson]

Four years ago they thought I never make it/
I was talking about my dreams they didn't think that I would chase it/
Back to making records, smoking pot up in the basement/
Now I got a couple songs that you could find, I on your daughter's playlist/

Making sure my family eating good and no one worry/
I keep the fine dimes I'm dropping threes like Stephen Curry/
I made a couple moves and got a little bit attention/
Public ear is pointed up, executives that want to listen/

Knock knock, open up, at the front door let me say 'whats up'/
Ain't got lean no drink in my cup but I got some purple weed if you be thinking thats enough/
Oh shit, locked out, cool, about to raise the stakes like a cop out/
Waiting for the top spot to drop down, waiting for a bigger name waiting to flop down/

In an elevator only one way, stand at the top how long can you stay?/
Legends never die as long as people giving praise, some people last a week but a fool last a day/
I do this shit cause I love it, nothing else above it, entertain the public/
Finna pop shove it, tell a bitch to suck it, riding around top down middle finger up saying 'Fuck it!'/

And that's just the way, Tao Te Ching, simple faith/
Seventeen thats just the age, golden life that I had to contemplate/
Speeding down the freeway, paper chase easy, women look sleazy when that come see me/
Made it on TV, made it out of B.C. note on the table to the people if they need me/

But they probably don't, ask for help and they probably won't/
Hard work done by myself so cut the check give me all the wealth/
See me on the outside through the peephole, see me with the clowns enjoy the freak show/
Pull the curtains down and let it unfold I'm reaching for the top I ain't never letting go/

A long time ago, dreaming all kind of shows around the globe/
Money that you talk is valuable, magical, but it's only tangible/
And I find it funny like bitch you dummy, go and get your honey/
Doing all that you can for the cash, throwing ass in the back of the stand like/

Knock Knock, open up
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At the back door let me say whats up/
Knock knock, open up
Liquor and the lean got the mixture in my cup/
Knock knock, what the fuck?
Cold as hell out why it snowing so much?/
Knock knock, knock knock
Ahh fuck this man I'm pulling out the Glock!/

Sneaking to the back yard looking for an entrance, peaking though the window wondering 'whats in this?'/
All I see is bullshit big business, one idea got to risk it for the biscuit/
Keep it moving keep me jumping over fences, weather never letting up a bitch is so relentless/
Keep it grinding put that nose in the dirt, when she open up you can bet I'm fucking first!/

Cause I'm breaking in, find a wall I'm caving in/
Coming thru the roof, paper thin, lost his mind another phase again/
Fucked up in the game- Dock Ellis, tapped into my brain on the LS-/
D with the MT, spirit world set me free/

So what to do when the time don't move? The clock you made is just a human tool/
These eyes are here ran by a fool on what to follow thinking what is cool/
In the window it never ticks, this luxury thats a pricy trick/
Some are fooled by what they get, they think possessions equal rich/

My reality another place, take a tab with aliens in outer space/
Time get locked up in a safe I'm about to run planning my escape/
So follow me to the space ship, if you find me we can race bitch/
But the point is so pointless, at the finish line rejoining/

Grabbing for attention, in my wrist I feel the tension
And I'm feeling like I'm slipping, hanging on a couple inches/
Digging out the trenches ,working on the kingdom, yield and prevail, let em know where the king from/
Underground got me working on the rail, John Henry hit a dab how I'm working with the nail/
Only been successful no I never fail, forensic rapper sneaky but I never leave a trail/

Cause I'm coming in, I saw it's fake it's all pretend/
I saw the statues walking in, they wave you by we'll talk again/
Here I am so open up, my rhymes are loaded about to bust/
And this the knock that breaks the locks, so open up and take a shot/

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