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E Sosa - Thrill Speaks/ Living The Dream lyrics

Hook : When you wake up popping
Ya nigga balling on the screen
I'm living inna dream
Like I'm living inna dream

Designer shoe & bag
All the shit I wished I had
I'm living inna dream
Like I'm living inna dream

When you eating good
And ya whole team
I'm living inna dream
Like I'm living inna dream

Verse: Turn on the tv my nigga on ESPN //
Top 10

Punching on niggas
Giving harden 30
Doing niggas dirty
Career high shit

I been said thrill was popping
Y'all niggas ain't listen
Now niggas start dickin
Now y'all wanna see mission
Fck all Fck all all of em niggas

Nah We can't turn down a fan ...
... Seen ya lil post on the gram
Yeah we just liked it
No reply dummy no comments

Hit ignore erry time they call
I ain't trying hearrr that shit

Most improved sixthhh man shit
CA zone 6 shit

PTF banners
In the arena
Shout out to rina
Triller than a lotta you niggas
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A lotta you niggas

Man this shit real
Man this shit trill
A-l-most shed ah tear
Foreva our years
PTF bby we here !

2nd verse

Having team meetings...
Bennhinna eating
Man it feel good ....

Tone set the tone
You inspire me to stay strong
One day we goin get it
One day we goin say dat we did it

Mad luv my nigga Zay
Ride wit me anyday
Right or wrong any way
That's love bro

& Macky know what it is
Big smoke at the crib
We been at it for years
We been at it since kids
I miss you nigga that's real

Thrill said I been the one
Believing me first song
We some real day ones
My niggas sons my sons
Do what what ever for who close to me
That's how it's posed to be

He tell me all the time
Stay on the grind
I got you blood
That's real
We be the best (shorty)
We dat deal !

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