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E Sosa - Forgive Me lyrics

Hook: Pray dat da lord forgive me
Don't care bout other (naggaz)
Can't worry bout them bitches
Unless they helping digits

Pray dat da lord forgive me
Get money but I'm sinning
Im blessed Cause I be winning
Pray dat lord forgive me

Verse: I know the lord he got me
Them haters they can't stop me
They got the wave on copy
The Feds they trying knock me

Long nights up in the trenches
I thought I wouldn't make it
They threw me in the jungle
N I can't out kinging

That's how you know I'm different
Can't quit just stay persistent
Got ice on neck $ wristes
Woulda thought I sprained my shit

Got all these rings on
I feel like Jordan shit
The greatest of our era
I feel Kobe did

N I love all my naggaz
I tell Em love for life
Know they be here foreva
With it without ah mic

Decade in this shit
You can't replace that bih
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Sinned jus to do it big
..... Pray dat love forgive me

2nd verse

Ok I took some L's
But that just stand for lessons
I pray like erry night
So he keep sending blessings

Feel like ah nigga trapped
And ain't nobody wit ya
Ya back against wall
Ten toes n standing tall

You trying feed ya fam
Put on for ya mans
Gotta avoid the jamz
Can't Fck up the plans

If you got 2 strikes
You better play it right
Or you be gone for life
Dat sht Ya lawyer can't fight

I wanted all designer
Grind hard n then I got it
Cause won't nobody give it
Oh no they won't assist it

You wanna eat ah steak
You better fix ya plate
And bring it to the table
Bow heads cause we be grateful

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