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E-Run - Weed Lady lyrics

Verse 1 [E-Run]

SuperInternational wanna drop n tha floor Caz ballin like Hoe And all the b**h know , Shake you azz like bad azz low get weed and fly wit my flow , Let all the people know I've fun wit you Hoe , regular I know liberal no for , 4 step for go WEED-MONEY-MY FLOW I said 4 for ago , I said 4 for ago , Im phucking crazy Like say as you know , my shoez are hoe caz kiss the ground Low, Like you azz caz sick me out , “Im always ballin Im always ballin “ , Im tryin always funnin-gunnin wit my wife “WEED” Im always Hot'n , I will be star'n but not like Snoop “Dogg-Lion ?” Forgget'n Im lie'n , Money change everything-everything money girl like money and Im like Honey , Honey for eating not for spitin , Imma exact right a whitewidow Hidden , Security garden on chain me like J-LO , Watch me out caz Im ballin like a tylor , Need my wife not a hot girl tellin-tell someone Imma lunatic ballin
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Verse 2 [E-Run]

Weed my lady Im still stay witt'em , Im shake witt'em I wanna die witt'em , Get my weed and rollin and digg shake wit weed dont care about police , Its a phenomena for you rotin for me Philosophyz can't rebate my speak , Use my technic to speak and breath but how can I get some damn more weed ? , Let this sh** legal Im own flow IF YOU SAY NO “HELLO” go ghetto , you gott a problem wit weed just see , You mean god in creation have wrong beat! , Its wrong-play it - shake it - dont k** it - love it-just drop it - Dont phuck it I'm got it , She'z my b**h she work for me , I think different change my mind freak ! , Im fly wit this lady come to my bed have fun wit weed Lady “Weed Lady”, I can't grow Caz Im ballin like a hoe and know , Look at my flow but you heard that So ! , Briefly I gott a Hennesy , Its not about Weed automatically , Let untold fact show this destiny , People dont know about this corrently

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