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E-Run - Wake-Up lyrics

E-Run – Wake up
Wake up nda morning , wake up nda sleep , wake up nda dream , dreams never become real , world no dealt with bad more dream
I'mma bird never fly cause my wings are tight
Feel my soul , I wanna catch my goal , just listen to the owl
Keep movin' like troll , hot body blood boil , you don't understand bro!
No sense of human , So where you go ?
But ain't no-more fear and no-more tears, no-more zeal and no-more sear
I'mma against self , I'mma against real , I'mma against all bad thing Evil means
God it's morning please wake-up and make-up , god woke this people up show them-up
Get us light to see damn bad right , they don't know what happen at night , that's right , rape all night “Bright light side!”
It's nothing “writing” , It's real nothing “lighting” , lose some learn some , see somethin' sad
Don't do the crap gamble of life always bad
Dead bodies – whole world are dying – world war coming – new season are drawing , change our sighting , bit of life can shining
I'm still trying , wanna dying or trying!

Bridge –(X4)
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God it's morning , please wake-up / Wake-up , please wake-up

Drug town , city of aids , blaze of lord couldn't help us again and I'm sure
Past is past , now is past , for tomorrow I will pass , government arrest task
Abortion need no medicine at last , drop n my glass , cheers for god , give us a chance
Who can make future wit progress fast , Dungeons of poverty grows fast
Radical rast , all will pass this phucking test , embarrass
Seems life is illegal like lyric of rap
Phuck couple of cops , they rob robber of dopes , allusion can't testis of thugs
It is shock
My people don't read a book , they just look , envelop to how to cook and is it joke?
Rap is dangerous for this folks , crack down all of you bound-hound for this ropes
Demand a coach , compensation your approach
You wanna say? , they wanna play? And It's rude!
Some-body turn the page from the cage , If you really sage , please tell me you age

Dungeons of poverty , Please wake-up , think up some more , Don't let them call yo fool

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