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E-Run - Two+Two lyrics

Verse 1 [E-Run]

2+2 It meanz 5 , should I try the World is lie , Can not be try , 5 more than high life high and tight phuck this lie , We know tha answer We can not try , Caz when I try Haps I die “5 better than Die , Die no more than lie“ , lie is the life , life in ourside , Its a rule of dog , Dont be foe thug , Politics come everybody run , Iran-stun stun is dun , dun it no fun phuck humanright , We want peace but no-one see , the humanright Its like diseases , God see us we want die , I can't ryde like tuff GOD IZ BUSSY YOP
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Verse 2 [E-Run]

Phuck university you never see the tree , Caz lie in da education , Education in three , Faith-Friend-Street my cazin , let me die'n let-let signn , You dont know what it is , the world is lie'r , Please told n Maya, I've dream like Gaya , something illegal in real act life , Life like Domino real tight life , Imma punk mutha phucka dont brave heart just believe my tung “Poetic” Its wrong , something sonsored in our life MONEY-HAPPY real Sad life , Phuck is usual word , word I like It , Look at my face Im ugly and suckin , God still bussy let me explain , Phuck the word Im Soulja want Die'n

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