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E-Run - Mizoonim lyrics

Hey yo T-Dey spend that shit

[Verse 1 : E-Run]

Check it out now , Figure out know , To tha bass to tha god to tha face of lase , Everything is phucktup up to tha top , top to tha up robe is phuck , What you know about me ? What you know about E ? What you know about everything wrong wit me ? What you know about empty gun ? I ain't 2Pac shakur and Khan , You better suck a dick and watch , I want phuck beat wit my tang , I ain't stunt , I'm E-Run who ryde wit ryde wit a gangsta Slum , Jerk off a day , Sex n tha night , Weed and fly , that's shall man , that's enought , You better join me know me n mutha phucka ruthless clan , I would rather be safe be rave , Brave grave trap n hell , phuck white line co-cocane , Make me mad and make me sad , When I'm magnume opuz one see me n mutha phucka magazine line , Hap's I lose my life n Rap line will be stars n front line , You laugh on me , Don't feel it out me , Don't stare own me , Be you self and care you self like ol' skool shit and piece of shit , I can't stop caz my azz burn , My homie watch me like a stupid fun we have lash-up beat and E-Run dun it's slogan run

[Hook : T-Dey , E-Run]
سینه پر دیگه یه کامم حبس نمیشه ییییییوووووو
We real phuckt up wit Weed
, حالمون میزونهُ فازمون لش نمیشه ییییوووووو
We real phuckt up wit Weed
خیلی چتیم , خیلی چتیم
دوست داری , بیا دنبال من تایه رول پای در بشه دود
خیلی چتیم , خیلی چتیم
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دوست داری , بیا دنبال من تایه رول پای در بشه دود بوم بوم بوم

[Verse 2 : E-Run]

Are you drab in it ? or nap in it ? Are you walk'in it ? or Cut'in it ? I'm stay a slip on too , lay out you like a foe , I'm start my day wit a mutha phuck'n WEED , I'm start my beat wit a mutha phuck'n KEY , Start my text wit mutha phuck'n Peace , I promise please , Some-one look like black for me , Caz I need'em have to be , Left right up down bit-down or cut down , Everything goes on back to me , Everything goes on phuck me , Everything-goes on stop to see , Phuck these dayz I'mma need to see ,Tell me man , What you need ? What you see ? You cannot breath stare and see ? Cut that shit you joke'n own me , I ain't sing for pussy P , You think I'mma still abullshit ? You think I'mma stalk abullshit ? I'm like abullshit , I'm talk abullshit , pen know this all abullshit , My pen write a new generation of top real top deal , Got it or like it , Break it and or stop it , Don't try you can't come back , Eat a shit and shot it now said it again again again , lay out you like a foe DUB TEN

[Hook : T-Dey , E-Run]

[Verse 3 : E-Run]

You can't see me mutha phucka I'm in black black , You can't see me mutha phucka I'm yo back back , I'mma takkla fakkla phuck that shit stap'en I'm , 1-2-3 you want it stap'en I'm , said it said it or get it get it be safe be rave and shake it shake it , to tha rock that road and kill it kill it , Wish I earn money likee likee ticket ticket , Let me getup everybody to show the buddy ! So you ready ? HAAAA
Here we go again , See me and my fans , Still it stand , Styl'n tha gang , Liven tha camp , Tv's ON bane , So let me know ? Nothin less nothin more , WoOoW , Bow Wow Cow , I'm never get down Its all about , Come to my town relax and down dont forgot about me Rave Rave and Safe Safe got Brave , Real shit down n'tha underground Lil' Boy n'a lower city town , I'mma E - R – U – N Its blown to me and know the pen , I ain't number 10 better than then , I know the game , So ryde wit game , Winner that plan , Understood the name , I'm E-Run not Iran , Iran Not E-Run , Hold-on second 1 Its not fun , I'mma gangsta Dun , from Slum , phuck up-town city out-laws and tunez , Its a real Rap shit Ha , WHATs FUN

[Hook : T-Dey , E-Run]

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