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E-Qlipse - Misfits Melodies lyrics

[Verse 1]
Society rejects me, sobriety infects me
I bully myself as I crave perfection
All of the heroes who I look up to are wearing masks
Yet I'm trapped inside my mind, a fourth dimension
As I mentioned before, the frigid fire burns today
As the tension escalates, the blizzard just storms away
However, Jack Frost begun to nibble on my nose
As Hell actually freezes over, I'm doomed, I know

At this point I'm completely out of my mind
The clock's ticking, and I'm running out of time
I'm trying to get to you, so please listen
These are the melodies of a misfit

[Verse 2]
Ayo Emp this is your conscience talking
You better cut out that nonsense, got me?
Selling out may be your last option, sadly
You will get no more help from me
Instead you will get hell from me
Subtle wordplay encrusted in my melodies
Don't try to pretend that you understand me
Don't try to pretend that you comprehend me
At war with myself, yet I'm solitary
Go fish out my meanings, fuck your commentary
Melodies of a misfit, fuck being ordinary


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Help me! Help me!
It's taken over my mind and my soul!
Help me! Help me!
I'm about to lose control

[Verse 3: E-Qlipse]
I can move worlds spin planets into orbit
Got them hooked on my words just like the chorus
They say I'm on top of the game but it feels so low
The only time we're high is when we puff on this smoke
Trying to make music that puts tears into their eyes
But it's something I can't feel, just try to disguise
Fake a smile and use the power of language
Putting together the pieces you're tryna salvage
These were the dreams we hoped would be reality
But now it's a nightmare plaguing my mentality
They call us stars, they admire us from afar
When one of us falls they catch that light in a jar
Make a wish and hope for the same fate, it's really so bizarre
Yeah, I was in that place once, just vibing to the same song
Living for a life I didn't have, what went so wrong
Yeah, it doesn't matter, here or there I really don't belong

[Outro: XX/\/\E]
I look inside the mirror I ain't got no face thats what I'm on
Just wait for it to unfold
I don't ever seem to know but you know me (you know me)
Don't know me (you don't know me)
I ain't live no life, I don't take no time
I don't take no shit from nobody I'm right
If you want to know why
Then I'm bout to die because I'm out my life

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