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E-Qlipse - Circles lyrics

I've been through the nine circles of hell
With the orbs of my brothers
In the second we fell
Any opposite pair produces another
For two is one and one is two
Reaching for the spheres of heaven
The ninth being untrue
The rape of our women
As that of Proserpina
The virginity of Athena
Pluto conspired with Venus
The sadist and masochist
Circled the weak
The nature of Id so animalist
While the future looked bleak
Dehumanizing their souls
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Turning them into machines
The feelings they could not speak
Understanding they were mutual
Still they were seen as unequal
With out the shedding of blood
There can be no forgiveness of sin
For this we have been engulfed by flood
That without and that within
Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael
Solomonic magic circles
The dead cry for God and Agares
Reaching for the fading rays
Cone of power, with no exchange
Triumphantly holding their captive
Sympathy for Lucrecita
However, in the circle there is no change

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