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E Mozzy - Line It Up lyrics

[Verse 1 Mozzy]
Its really what my life like
k**a' in the lime-light
La-La dope smoke
Tryna get my mind right
'05 poppin' pills smoking hella primetime
b**h mad at me cause I never seem to find time
I was rocking G-Shocks, had to get my ice right
n***as on the sideline we do that on sh** on eyesight
Me and E cuttin up swanged em an he bite light
Every lil' b**h that I be f**ing kinda right, right
I really live a trife life, That gotta keep a pipe life
Please don't let him catch you without it or its night night
Used to call him Izod but now they call him Mozzy
All you gotta do is drop 5 or call me for that body
Abuse him with the jumper The Gleeker he hold scotty
It look like I was taggin him I don't know if I Got em
(I look like I was taggin him I don't know if I Got em)

[Verse 2 Jadakiss]
(D Block)
Yeah, They say it take a real man to admit error
Its gon' take a long time til it gets better
You know me I'm from the food stamp wick era
The four door 5 series with the interior
There's a lot of things in life that you can't cherish
When the haters in the light then you can't flourish
Can't sleep good at night 'til ya man's perish
Couple funerals will always give a man leverage
(Yeah) If it don't make you a spy you can't sweat it
Armstrong Dice on fire you can't bet it
Her pa** time is chess boards and Calisthenics
Love seeing coroner fans and paramedics
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The best to those who befriended me (the best)
Even success to all my enemies (Yes)
Permanent Scars so you remember me
This is a real n***a a**embly

[Verse 3 Dave East]
For that check Imma catch a body
I caught in his lobby
ON the run for the months I'm the accomplice to a homi(cide)
I got a call from Mozzy Drivebys on Ducahtis
Trae know im The Truth a n***a dying if he try me
I'm with sliders and they grimey
He ain't had no key, I caught him trying to buzz in the building it took to long dot him
All my moves is mafia a descendant of Gotti
If you Tryna box like Rocky, you'll be in the box you copy?
Mami like "Ooh papi go down on me sloppy"
You bootleg n***as got your style from the swap meet
I be doing meet and greets pistol clothes touching
She Cheated in real life to get the coke like Tyga with the Sace
Eyes lookin asian so f** it we order sake
Shrimp Fried rice so it was either beef or broccoli
Real life wit k**as I know they mommas though
Stick on my body when drama close Vamanos

[Verse 4 Trae the Truth]
Imitating blow had me trafficking out that stole-o
7 days straight clothes looking like imma hobo
I was moving Solo two choppers off in the four door
Might put a few through your chest make em stitch it up like a logo
Run up in the spot n***as freezin up like a photo
Go dumb playing tough he ain't working like i was Kodo
I used to sit the bench they ain't picture me going pro though
Now i pull up on the block throwing bullets like Tony Romo
Money somewhere piling up now im on that f** 'em sh**

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