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E-Jay - Tryna Be Fresh lyrics

(E-Jay)Verse 1:

Shit just comes natural
This hat with these shoes shits magical
A match made in heaven, angelical
Really ain't nothing that you can tell the dude
I hardly kick them braggin raps I'm just tellin you
You ever got one of them days you feel invincible?
Well this one of them times you see the kicks on dude?
The fresh denim too? far from typical
Dressed to kill like mobsters in a suit, a monster in the booth
My respect is due, true but really it's effortless
I been blessed with the style that you will never get
A step above fresh a nigga elegant
You elementary let me teach you a lesson then
Professor shit, in the presence of a king show your reverence
I'm Easter Sunday clean word to the reverend (amen)

(Synik)Verse 2:
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Nah, came out the womb this way
See, my blazer match the dunks, and this tie chambray
Got that Polo Double Black, let off a couple of sprays
Metallic gold Shwood Canbys blocking out sun rays
When I'm, wheel grippin' man you know my wrist glistenin'
Custom fitted double as a pool, waves swimmin' in
Freshness got me backstroking broads on the regula(r)
Highed up in the galaxy, wrapped up in a nebula
I seen you rock a couple pair, but I got a plethora
In a movie (a)bout this fly shit, I'm a star, you a ex-ter-a(extra)
Academy Award goes to moi, this that coup de gras
Five finger exploding heart
All I did was show my socks
Killing competition, contention is nonexistent
Far off in the lead, second and third is a distance
So listen
S-y-n-i-kal is a menace
In the back
Giving your baby mama the business
No kisses

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