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E Hess - Tryna D lyrics

[Verse 1: E Hess]

No Fuss or commotion
I'm just tryna D cause I'm holding
Fat blunts, smoking
Hop in my whip, yeah we rollin'
I believe in chiefin'
Breathing in God's trees till I'm speechless
Kief hits, Jesus
Feels like I only smoke on the weekends
And I'm freaking, a cigarillo
Smoking swisher sweets like threes from Carmelo (Swish)
Hello, is what the girl's say
Yeah, I keep it thirsty
Especially with the wordplay
It's her birthday
I got the green crack D so dank it makes her look right back
Puts it in reverse, parks it on my lap
Grinding on my nut sack so I let her have that D

[Hook: E Hess]
I'm just tryna D
I'm just tryna D (He's just Tryna D) [3x]
I'm just tryna D
I'm just tryna D

[Verse 2: Cool Yan]
All I wanna feel is D
All I wanna be is D
All I wanna breathe is D
So all I really need is D
If you're tryna chill with me
Better know the deal with me
Are you gonna love this D?
Just open up your lungs and breathe
(Breath out)
(Breath out)
(Breath out)

[Interlude: E Hess]
Anybody wanna d with me
Smoke tree with me
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Come chief with me
Last call [4x]


[Verse 3: AllDad]
AllDad's all D all day always smoking
Licking his lips when your legs are open
I got caught tokin' but fuck a grass court
I'm hard court like the U.S. Open
And I just won, Serena start crip walking
And spin that 45 like my name Chris Walken
And spin that room like your liquor is malted
Then spin that tune cause I lick her then poke it
I don't D but I got that D
And if you got fat bangs you can try for free
Cause I gotta fat bag but you ain't fat free
So forget the bang but I'll have fat beej
Fat bitch I'm rich and I'm fucking clean
Like I just took a shower girl I got that steam
Like I last for hours when I'm on my knees
Lapping up your mess can't resist pussy
I'm all wet and I'm giving you hugs
You can run and hide but you ain't high enough
Let's get high and try to lick your cunt
Let's break the ice and break a nug
Baby buck them hips and I'll bust a nut
Just cause you liked it don't make you a slut
But the way you like dick make me fall in love
Put a finger in my butt but call me number one
I gotta big butt and I know how to fuck
If you gotta big butt you can call me up
On the phone,we can bone, you can give me dome
But forgive my tone if this dadda roam
Cause this dad alone, long distance
Fuck going home I got business and bitches
Dimes, diamonds and riches
I'm rich, fucking a bitch
First place coming last
Is how AllDad finish
(AllDad Rahhh)


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