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E Hess - Leaf Green lyrics

[Hook: E Hess]
Leaf Green like Pokémon
Hundred fifty one strains you can be smoking on [4x]
Sweet trees, sticky leaves, gotta catch em all
Gotta catch em all, pack em in my Poké Ball [2x]

[Verse 1: E Hess]
Pikachu, Raichu
Look at me I'm higher than you
Look at me I'm a Pidgey
Gust and whirlwind on my weed
All my weed in full bloom
Let it evolve like a Vileplume
Gotta smoke soon I got that urge
Light it up, Lieutenant Surge
All green herbs goddamn
Now I'm on the S.S. Anne
Won't share while I'm burning
Living high class like a Persian
Earning money, beating trainers
Being the best, gaining haters
See you later you're straight trash
I guess your name must be Ash (Ketchum)

[Verse 2: Fat Matt]
My D is dank call me Skunktank
I breath in smoke make me a Slowpoke
D in my room you can call me Gloom
Now I need to shit like a Mudkip
Come catch a scene and feel the vibe
Now catch some green and go get high
I'm gonna D the very best
My destiny D in my chest
Clefable, Clefairy
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My D is green and hairy
Charmelian, Charmander
I light it up like ember
I light it up I'm so gone
Eyes look like they've been flashed on
Can't snitch on me, I keep my D
Sealed up like a Dewgong
Think you can beat me you wrong
I know every seasons theme song
Taught my Chancy a song
So you gon' sleep all night long
Eat some berries, want some more
Buy rare candy at the store
Feed me so many sweets I'm a beat The Elite Four


[Commander D]
Fuck hyper beam, got solar beam
Got blizzard up on my triple beam
Got rain dance on my Jolteon
Bring ya whole team, you'll need em all
I caught em all, they all mine
I stay high like a Mr. Mime
I'm dragon type like a Dragonite
I'll beat you up with my fighting types
Giovanni, I'm the Don
Got Persians up under my arm
Got Bulbasaur up in my bong
Got hydropump growing in my lawn
On someone's PC I think that it's Bill's
Rest in peace to all the Pidgies I killed


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