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E Hess - Happy Birthday Fat Matt lyrics

[Hook: E Hess]
Happy birthday Fat Matt (4x)
For your birthday I wrote you a rap (4x)

[Verse 1: E Hess]
It's your birthday go ahead and fap
Yup for you birthday I wrote you a rap
Make it quick celebrate it today
Because in two more days it's gonna be my birthday
Yup, yup, yup, yup, I just said it
That's when it is dog, please don't forget it
I expect a rap right back as a present
Just like the one I gave you on the second
I reckon I make a hook every day
Starting today, on your birthday

Cause yours is today, and mine's in two days
So let's party all night for our birthday


[Verse 2: AllDad]
Happy Birthday Matt, this ya Birthday Rap
From your closest homie AllDad, you know me from way back
Matt we go so far back I might need a recap
I knew you back before the fame, the rap game or the fat
I remember back before we rapped over beats
Before the tracks and the beats met you at a track meet
Pole vaulting into mats, kissing Kristen Volpe on the cheek
Believe me homie I am glad, that we are homies
I didn't get you a birthday gift I just rapped it
You're one year older and I hope you're going batt shit
Cause we are, it's the whole crew
E-Hess, AllDad, and Cool
The only homie we're missing is you
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I'm new and I don't know what to do
We at ya mom's house, we're peeing on your lawn
We let your dog out, we're having so much fun!
It's ya birthday today, where are you Matt?
We're in your kitchen doing the dishes and kissing you dad
We're in you bedroom, sleeping in your sis' bed
And if your dad comes home we're gonna rub on his head

[Special Guest Appearance: Fat Dan]
Yo, yo, Matt
What up this your dad
I hope you have the best birthday
You ever had

Yo Fat Matt It's your birthday Dog
Now let someone else make a beat for once


[Verse 3: Cool Yan]
I'd like to tip my hat to my boy Fat Matt
He's twenty fucking four, wish him plenty fucking more
How's that? Can I be finished with this rap?
A few fucking bars is all he deserves
And a few fucking cars and a cute fucking girl
Until he gets bored and he through fucking her
And now she feels sore like a backroom whore
Fat Matt will leave her wetter than the bathroom floor

[Interlude: Cool Yan]
Fat Matt
It's his fucking birthday
Fat Matt, Fat Matt, Fat Matt, Fat Matt
Happy fucking birthday


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