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E Hess - Fat Bong Rip lyrics

[Intro: Commander D Head]
I'm D out of my mind
I'm completely satisfied
I D and write rhymes
I do it all the time [x2]

[Hook: E Hess]
Smoke a whole ounce then I bounce
Smoke a whole spliff then I split [x2]
I'm high as fuck
High as shit
Feel's like I just took a fat bong rip
Fat bong rip
Fat bong rip
Feel's like I just took a fat bong rip

[Verse 1: E Hess]
Just took a fat bong rip yeah I'm bugging out
And if you smoke a lot of weed
You know what I'm talking about
I'm talking 2 J's
Today It's okay
Everyday I smoke weed ayy
Everyday I get high hey
So hey hi hey ho (ohh)
Think I need a little bit of D that I can smoke
A little bit of D and its all for me
Smoking 2 J's while I'm high in a tree
It's 420 I need to see money
Cruising in a golf cart ain't nothing from me
So catch me chilling in the front seat
Pair of fresh kicks and my cuts clean

[Verse 2: Cool Yan]
I don't get high I been up vanilla cigarillos
Got my lungs rougher than a mother fucking Brillo pad
Once I fill it with the grass then gas take a big gasp
Then I pass it round
It got all my boys passing out
And got all my thoughts spazzing wild
But I never make a sound cuz I've found it's best to keep my words underground
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You see I'm super super D so i get super stupid speech (dumb)
Gone with the breeze is my verbal clarity (gone)
No moisture in my cheeks and I can barely breath
Couldn't understand me if I even tried to speak
Any language besides anguish
But it's prolly cuz I'm hungry I think I need a sandwich and chips but the
Kitchen Is a distance body outta commission so think I need assistance

[Bridge: E Hess]
Break up trees let's roll up
Break up trees for we roll up [x2]
Roll up, Roll up
Break up trees let's roll up [x2]


[Verse 3: Fat Matt]
Chilling at my crib
Feeling lit all right
Bong hits all night
Make hits all night
I'm a one hit repeat it
I D it for real
Creeping all P.M
Hey hater don't squeal
Yeah break it down right now
I'mma make you cream buckets with my sound right now
Fulfill your dreams bringing back the snare right now
Don't ask me how I'm amazing pal

[Verse 4: Hurricane Ant]
Thank you Fat Matt for this chubby bass line to beat (on)
Beat it like a thief cause I gotta bring the heat (up)
Like I set the bed on fire when I beat beneath the sheets
All the girlies think I'm hot I go Roku on the beat
Ain't no mystery man I'm only here to reap
Sewn like a motherfucker harvest all the D
I'm boba fett all about the money
Flip an ounce then I'll bounce on 420


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