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E Hess - All the D in the World lyrics

[Intro: CommanderD]
I'm a smoke all the weed in the world
I'm a smoke all the weed in the world (That's Right)
I'm a smoke all the weed in the world
Just so I can get over you girl

[Verse 1: E Hess]
Get over you just like the flu
I don't want to but I have to
Some chronic weed is all I need
A psychiatrist or therapy
Don't tell me you need me
Believe me it's teasing
One riesling you're easy
Next morning you're leaving
Straight cheating that's fucked up
Been done with you and I've had enough
I've given up, you're dead wrong
Is the underlying message behind this song
While I smoke my bong, smoke my weed
A life that's empty and not complete
Haha, that shit don't happen to me
Cause as long as I keep on rapping on beats
Then my homies will keep on fapping on bitches
Making them clean up do all the dishes
Making them clean, cut, cook, chef, knife
These are the things we ask from a wife
These are the things that are stereotyped
And it ain't right, it ain't supposed to be
So come right here next to me girl
So I can hold you closely

[Hook: E Hess]
I don't know what to do
This must be a brand new side of you
I don't know what to say
Tell me you're fine everything's okay
I don't know
I don't I don't even want to know
Cause I've got hope
That we can be
Even though you think we won't
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[Verse 2: AllDad]
I'd cross the world to get you up out of my mind
You cut your hair to cut me off you're scared I'd make you mine
You can lose your wild mane, but I'm still that wild mane
Say what you want I'm a have you either way cause I deserve you
Say what you want but I'm a have what I want
I'm a bad dad kissing on that body baby let me
You got a man, but you don't understand how I feel
How deep you run, my veins my blood
Girl you got my gun, bang bang my heart is hit I'm done
How come falling in love is so complicated
Sixteen's young to decide he's the one
Tell me one more time that you fell in love
Even if it's not right, don't mean it's wrong
You made me question everything
And you told me I made you feel the same thing
You made me question everything
And you told me I made you feel the same thing
I'm yours if you wanna, my heart and my body
You're my pretty mama you can call me daddy
We out chea in Cali, blowing on that sour d
Drinking 'till the morning cause all we smoke is Cali weed
Light a tree, climb a tree, chill out in the summer breeze
The sun is shining on me and I want you sitting next to me
Won't you drop your dress for me, stop addressing me like a friend
Undress me and play with me find a way to have your way with me
You got a way about you I think I could give you everything
We could have it all baby if you come away with me
You're dreaming seeing you and me, listen to your body baby
Can't be wrong to feel so right so take a chance and live your dream

[Hook 2: E Hess]
I don't know (AllDad) what to do (Rahhh)
Every time I smoke all I think is you
I don't know what to say
But if I did, wouldn't matter anyway
No it won't
Not given up so I cannot let it go
And I can't cope
With the thought of growing old being all alone


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