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One man One mother/ They both come together In hopes to bring another/ In hopes he holds his own In hopes his medals gold/ They never would've known A prodigy would be born/ A side of me should be gone But you see that Im still intact/ The wise me wrote early on k** the pad I will infact/ I am lost on your train of thought Please lead me to the tracks/ Of why you clap caps with black macs and run off with the cash/ Then go flip nicks for crisp kicks And all sorts of mischief/ This sh** to me makes no mother f**in sense/ Flick on the AC and let a mother f**er vent/ *Deep Breath*/ Let me ventilate Let my words penetrate/ through Any topic I don't understand or any that I hate/ For example take abduction That's an understatement/ Context clues are on the page So why the f** you turning pages/ Why the f** you switching cases You have pictures of their faces/ Family at home sittin it lookin like they have been tazered/ ((We all have our jobs and we gotta do em right/ It's the ones who do em wrong That are changes peoples lives))/ - weird high pitch Kendrick voice My jobs to tell you from a 3rd person view/ And I hope you tell me if I'm ever in your shoes/ I said ill never say never, then I said ill never lose/ Now I learned saying never's something I will never do/ Cuz it jynxed me and I lost Yes I really lost/ Really lucky I didn't end up just like Jesus on the cross/ Jesus you should floss You lying through your teeth/ It's a hitman oh my gosh People dyin when you speak/ ~ It is time to take a peek At this whole rap industry/ I think somewhere theres a leak I'm the plumber mimic me/

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