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E-Dot - Conception lyrics

E-Dot ft. Loer Velocity - “Conception”
[Produced by The Labrynth (DJ Emmo and Grand Fortune)]

[Intro: E-Dot]
Yo. Yo, feel it. Worldwide selectors wield it. Conception. Give birth to verse, call it: conception. Give birth to verse, call it: conception. Uh uh, oh. Yo

[Verse 1: E-Dot]
I rhyme with
The passion of my moment of conception. Errol-Dot
Came through my great father's erection. Miracle
With protection, a medical intervention. Could have been
A wet spot on the sheet with apprehension. But, hey
I made it. Given my name my father stated
Sat back twenty-eight years now—just slightly faded
Reminiscing on life as it were. It's nice but a blur
Like when epiphanies in the nighttime occur, like
Right now, I'm on a plane to NYC
[?] to conversate beside me
Telling me her new years, stories of glory
Words are sincere—of lust, they never bore me
It's amazing to be aware, living life's lessons
‘Nough bang bang, some tale of a Smith & Wesson
I write in black and white, dawg—there is no second-guessing
What I mean. Hey, life is deep, so I've seen

[Hook: E-Dot and Loer Velocity] (x7)
Conception. Give birth to verse, call it:

[Verse 2: Loer Velocity]
I think, therefore I am true son of man
Hold the fate of my existence in the palm of my hand
Breathe the breath of life, population expands
Travel unknown terrain in the spot where I stand
The same time, walk the desert of burning sands
Cultivating Earth as if only I can
Mind controls hand for these words I command, but
Before that was a spark created in the dark
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When time is within self [?]
I'm representing rebirth and change like the Ark
The manifestation of the rawest form of art
Speaking to the pace of rapidly beating hearts
From the start, I began immaculately hitting mark
Prove and show I'm so accurate with this dart
And do know, before I leave (Recognize), best believe
Whatever is it that I can see, I will achieve

[Hook: E-Dot and Loer Velocity] (x8)
Conception. Give birth to verse, call it:

[Verse 3: Loer Velocity]
Conception: something conceived in the mind
Like a thought, plan, idea, design
Your soul, at the moment of truth, put the rhyme
The union of man and woman's soul combined
Your innermost ambitions laid all on the line
Sort of like how I am on parchment with mine
So intertwined artistically with rhythm
Give birth to verse and call it “Escapism”

[Verse 4: E-Dot]
Music get me open like, you know, rock-hard erections
I mold my words—immaculate conception
Really deep connection for the streets, really deep
Sensation that I forever wish that I could keep
See, it is what it is and I am what I am:
Just a freak calling corner-linkers for the beat
Conceive thoughts with my peeps, I rap, looking to touch
Each and every single cat just like that

[Hook: E-Dot and Loer Velocity] (x16)
Conception. Give birth to verse, call it:

[Outro: Loer Velocity]
E-Dot, Velocity

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