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Dwayne Applewhite - Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
These days I promise
So I just put down the bottle
And I put out the herb
Damn it, almost missed my exit
Stomped on the breaks too fast
Now we all on the curb
Cops pa**ing by, hope I don't get arrested now
Lord testing my faith now
But he just rode by he ain't see us though
Then we hopped in the whip and we peeled off
I thank God that we got to see another day
Cause everyday
Seem like another black man dying by the police
Yeah, and that's just real
I know it feels so insecure to be black somedays
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I'm looking back just to watch my back from crooked cops
I swear this war will never end
That's why I'm picking up my pen
And spazz on anybody that wanna take away from my ends
Cause it's more than rap
I'm tryna save the culture
f** working in corporate
And these bullsh** courses
Of course it's to pa** the time
And that's my only luxury
My mind is full of treasures
Whether I can free them or not is up to me

I just hope I have time tho
I just hope I have time (x12)
I just hope I have motherf**in time

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