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Dwayne Applewhite - Far From Average lyrics

[Verse 1]
There's a lot of things I gotta say to you
But can't wear my heart on my sleeve
Its a little bit colder this summer don't want it to freeze
What it is, like a hundred degrees
Some people get burnt in this heat
Will I face my demons or sleep
Only time will tell if I break
Only really wanna break through my mind
Cause it feel like I'm suffocating
Only need more patience I know
But I'm f**ing sick of waiting, of course i've been ready to blow
I was like f** money and fame
Now, I need that fasho'
But it feel like my dream is so distant
Cause I want it so instantly
Been doubting if it was meant to be
I know the devil keep testing me
I'm sipping on henny, I gotta go get it
These motherf**as ain't hipped to me
I've been hella focus tryna get this paper
You don't really see the struggle in my eyes
I'm barely sleeping every single f**in night
I guess I'm really getting closer to the light
And I ain't taking no days off
I swear I'm a give it my all
Money not the only reason that I'm chasing
I don't really wanna fall
I can feel the pressure getting heavy
While I'm elevating in the clouds
Lord save me from doubts

[Hook 2X]
I know you see me in the magazine
You think I'm living glamorous
But I ain't living like that
Still I'm far from average
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[Verse 2]
Every time I disappear
Gotta come back 10 times stronger
Cause they think I'm falling off but really don't know whats up
Cause I've been working 24/7
Stressing about the paper
Really don't know if I'm gon make it
But I am trusting in myself anyway
Don't got no time for anybody that's hating on me
Swear I'm a shine
And i really ain't got no time to be wasting
I swear that this mine
Cause I'm sick of the people that's looking at me
Like I'm supposed to be the realest emcee right now
And maybe I am
But I wasn't working hard enough when I was younger
Now look at me damn it, I'm 23
I know ain't nobody as hot as me
I'm probably gon f** up the game once I get in it
Yeah yeah
My flow gon' get crazy I promise just wait on it
I've been really at my lowest point
Money really got my attention
And I'm f**ing this game up
But wanna know how long its gon take till I blow up
f** it I'm a just roll up
And blow smoke out my window
I've been living on a cloud these days
And I don't plan to come down

[Hook 2X]
I know you see me in the magazine
You think I'm living glamorous
But I ain't living like that
Still I'm far from average

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