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Dwayne Applewhite - 4EVA lyrics

I get lost in the lights
I can do this sh** forever
Don’t know if i’ll last tho, but I’ll give my all
I’m not thinking ’bout the past
And I’m not thinking ’bout the future either
I’m just focused on where I’m at
And in my mind I feel I’m in a better place
Look at all these mansions on the hills
I know it’s possible just look what God gives
That’s why I can’t stress sh**
My time is coming just relying on myself
So if I fall down I’ll pick myself back up cuz when we pray for the rain we forget about the mud
And ain’t no love in the city
People keep telling me I’m acting different since I’ve been in the city
f** what they say
f** what they say
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I’ll be here foreva, foreva
I want this life foreva
Plus I get better with time
Sometimes I feel like I can change the world, but I can’t do it by myself tho
Maybe I should push myself more
Maybe I should look up in the stars
Maybe I’ll just find out who I are
Maybe I’m just really am a God
I don’t really know no more
Uh yeah yeah yeah
I don’t really know no more
I feel like I’m just holding on
This the life that I want foreva
This the life that I want foreva
Slowly on my heart
Always on my mind
Want this life foreva
Eva eva eva
Eva eva eva

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