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DuwapBeats - Thats Find With Me lyrics

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Track a n***a down like a f**in package yeah I shoot a lot of guns ion need no practice if I catch u out in traffic ima let u have it Ima take his mama son it's gone get tragic if a n***a run up on me leave him in a casket u ain't totin real poles boy u totin plastic flexin with your mama money boy you really average just because u got a K you is not a savage talkin Slick lil n***a come and slide down . Text his phone 1 time he put his pipe down you n***as really ain't on sh** yall n***as f**in clowns and why you worried bout me u need to stand yo ground this ain't a movie so lil n***a stop actin I ain't even say cut or action and I smoke a lot of dope it's a habit I gotta get this money gotta have it gotta f**in pistol in my jacket u want some muthaf**in smoke I make it happen . you don't want no f**in beef so don't bother me run up on a n***a thats a f**in Robbery choppa choppa choppa choppa choppa choppa choppa cut a n***a head off like a f**in barber bullets eat ya f**in body like a f**in lobster u can call me duwap kaine ima f**in mobster

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