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DuwapBeats - F*ck The CPD lyrics

I'ma G up in these streets
If you want beef then we can meet
I got the 40 with the beam
I'm moving slow up off the lean

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I love codeine i let it stream pull the mac out then he scream and the police talk to me i'ma be speaking Chinese dropping bodies i be off a molly n***a you a copy run up on me if you try to rob me its gone end up sloppy knocking n***as like i'm playing hockey i'm not playing hockey

Set you up shoot you in the lobby shoot you asap rocky
Step in my shoes i do not lose i do not snooze you getting scared cause them bullets came straight out of the blue i'm toting tools yeah i'm toting two you can get abused i got guns i got hella guns yeah thats hella true
Don't get banged boy my bullets sing i'ma boomerang do my thing gotta do my thing so i can get change talking down find out where you stay find out where you lay so much money so much damn money can't see what i make boy yo face i'ma break yo face blast you with the k if you see me shooting any type of gun its a earthquake i'm on the block i be toting Glocks watch out for the cops hit the spot then i get the bricks i can not get caught

*beat plays on*

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