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Dutch Master - Smoking Weed With My Friends lyrics

[The Dutchmaster](verse 1)

Grew up wit a mentality/like f** the opposition
Tryna have more/ than just a pot to piss in
So i'm pitchin/chrondo in my britches
A/c blowin on my face/and the ba** hittin'
And i'm fitted/crocodile on my fitted
Been evicted/definately got victed
Won't be a victim/go out and get dem
Blowin' back chonic sack/wit my kin n' dem

Memories of deceased friends/drinkin gin wit them
Had beef with friends/drank with them and swang on them
Twelve dollar 22/turn dutch orangutan
Peach Ciroc/life's peachy cuz I got pot
But lifes gon be b**hin'/ when I got clout
And my a** gon be jukin'/ if the sh** drought
And id be hoopin'/if i didn't get caught up wit life
These retards shootin'/and I ain't tryna walk round at night
I chuck the dueces/if I see you when im drivin' by
sh**/I'm ridin' high/chronic/ popo they won't find
I know they see it in my eyes/I know that they can smell the kind

Smokin' brand names/ f**in' bad dames
Drinkin' champagne..lampin' in the shade
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Rockin' j's/got expensive taste
Bust my a** all week/so I be gettin' paid
Going in for the fade/I had to tip a fin
Stackin' in my shoe box/savin' for some rims
I'm smokin' weed with my friends
sh**/I'm smokin' weed with my friends

(verse 2)
Rap sweepstakes/listenin' to beat tapes
Choppin' beat brakes/tweakin' like my weed laced
Multiple weed strains/green shades
Ya we blaze/pa** it like a relay
Poppin' sh** off/ like this ebay
J's came in today/ straight from eastbay
Bittys hittin' up my line/ tryna see me
Nasty little bittys/ tryna creep wit me
Busted a** rappers/ owe me money
Chillin' on the porch/ keep the reefer comin'
I pray/ that the police ain't comin'
Greencrack/ in my pack/ keep the weed fiend rushin'
Got myself a spaceship/ and I'm taking off
sh** I gotta get this money/ I was made to ball
From the windown/ to the wall
Skeet skeet skeet/all these b**hes fall

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