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Dutch Master - Be My Customer lyrics

[The Dutchmaster] (verse 1)

When I'm feelin' s**ual/f** hoes/ain't intellectual
Unconvicted felons/Dodgin charges that'd be federal
Got plenty sess to blow/ride around collectin' dough
Feels like a "S" on my chest/from smokin' on this vegetable
Ridin down the interstate/turn left on the intrastate
Mind state backed/in a vegitative state
Just hangin' wit these trees/like a f**in' candy cane
Just touched down/medical grade/look at my eyes/smell the kind
f**in' fazed/Servin custies/gettin' paid/cause my job won't give no raise
Gotta get it/I ain't playin/on my job/bills to pay
If you hustle/you'll relate
Searchin' for the right connect/when I get it I'll be straight
N we ain't doin' business if you known to be shady
I'm tryna get rich before I start makin' babies
I'm tryna get my b**h to stop actin crazy
Smokin for the fix/focused on her a** n' tits


You can be my customer/keep it on the low
I got loud/I'm a hustla/got my little chronic sto(re)
It's hot on my block/so meet me round the corner
Yeah I'm servin' doja/I can be your source
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Got a little Honda Civic/but I feel like it's a porshce
Makin sure I drive slow/steady watchin' for the po's
It's hot on my block/so meet me round the corner
Yeach I'm servin doja/I can be your source

(verse 2)

Smokin' on tropical/got my bowl/ain't for pasta though
Cop a box of Optimos/from the corner store
Dealin' with life's obstacles/ foot on the throttle
Lookin' out for Impala on the prowl/won't slip up
And get a fowl/Doin' my thing throughout the week
Clocked in/on my job/while I ganja sling
Ridin' round/smokin' loud/all out/and just touched down
Custies blowin' up my line/hope my connect around
Cause there's money to be made/I ain't tryna miss out
If there's police on the corner/then meet me round the block
Have that money in your hand/don't be diggin' through ya wallet
I ain't tryna pay for parking/and come up into your apartment
You'll be a sawbuck sorry/if you got me waitin' around
If you piss me off/bet you've paid by now
If you think I'm an a**hole/ I don't give a f**
I'm a hustla/and remember your a customer


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