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Dutch Ma**ive - The Chill Factor lyrics

[Intro: Dutch Ma**ive]
Yo, yo [?] man this is Dutch
Yo uh, show's the 24th and um
Trying to do this for real man seriously
Yo, putting names on the flyer
I didn't know what you wanted me to put so I put
Southern Jazz Revolution, you know
Dutchma**ive, doing the ma**es
Positive cla**ics

[Verse 1: Main]
I do this all for the love
Love for my queen
Love for the rap and
Love for the green
Love when my team keep me rising high
Love to hear my joint when y'all riding by
Sides on the ties when we ride, my Nikes low cut
Broke pockets got me feinding for a nice hold up
Life is so plush back in the days, Tribe Called Quest
Bonita Applebum we used to hype those cuts
Nowadays, I might go nuts
Cowards stay in my vision
Bad decision if [?] folds up
Advice told us to have you need things
Keep our head straight speak from the heart
No need for street teams
Sweet dreams, sweetheart
Seen all that keep work
Few years, you'll rock a J-Wiz t-shirt
Patience, that's how this ar-t work
We keep it tight
You keep it tight, and we'll all be aight
We on some

[Hook x2: Dutch Ma**ive]
La la, la la
Da da da da
La la, la la
And all you hear is that

[Verse 2: Fly Beads]
Yes yes yes
We be so-o fresh
Flows the best
Jazzy jazzy to the Jeff
Keep it moving moving to the left
We got that funk like Flex
So jazz, [?] on my right index
The most high blessed MCs on a quest
Pa** any test, ay, ay ay ay
Yo forget about the rest
No stress like cigarettes
Feel the sunset plus the music we possess
Good vibes, good rhymes manifest
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/junk-planet/the-chill-factor.html]
Many styles I finesse
Love and respect

[Verse 3: Seif]
We rock the mic
Divine the vibes'll shine bright
Like the sun in the 813
Dutchma**ive and a few ar-t's
Creating music to put your soul at ease
Ayo we did it, we done it, we do it
This music, we love it
Melodic soul put nothing above it
Plus rugged, authentic
It ain't hard to blend it
To the menu, we ripping down the venue
So hit me up I got a few flyers I can lend you
We trying to create the Southern Jazz Revolution
My record local joints
To wreck your focal points
Follow protocol dropping cla**ic smooth

[Hook x2: Dutch Ma**ive]

[Verse 4: Dutch Ma**ive]
I'm on some real smooth ish cruising the city
Night time falls I'm chilling with the ar-t's
Laid back style and we do it with ease
But ain't nobody as jazzy as me
I got a part-time job like any other MC
Supposed to pay the rent but I spend it on trees
I need a little help I call my lady
I told her I was mellow she called me lazy
"Nah baby I got the jazz, I'm chilling," she started laughing
I said Dutch Ma**ive is nothing but pa**ionate
Jill Scott's on and we blasting it
You know I'm about to be tapping it
Yeah, yeah I did my thing
What did you expect I'm one of them fresh kids
You just have to nod your head like this to the song
We just make the cla**ics it's the type of ish we on
We on some

[Hook x2]

I got the head knock music for you and your man
And every woman
We got the head knock music for you and your man
And every woman
You nod your head to this
You nod your head to this
You nod your head to this
You nod your head to this
Yo we the freshest
Just let it ride

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