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Dutch Ma**ive - Soul Searchin' (feat. PackFM) lyrics

(Verse 1 - Dutchma**ive)
I'm not an MC; I'm just a fan who likes to interact
Great MC's are a thing of the past
Cats is either too simple or too abstract
Not enough emotion, too many battle raps
Besides when we do compete heads get waxed
Laughed at them, glad ya'll didn't release that
Don't be mad at me, I'm just tryin' to maintain
Too critical, I've got a right to get plain
Cause now-a-days hip hop is no longer a movement
It's a popular trend and everybody's doing it
But nobody cares about the music
Cats is type stupid, they always got excuses
I'm short fused and my last nerve has been gone
I've been bitter and it shows in my songs
Most labels they just wanna sell records
Most distributors have the wackest selling methods
If you make music from heart it gets rejected
But if you fit the industries standard, you make a hit
This topics over-done, but I ain't done complaining yet
I hope to reach somebody's mind before my verse ends
Probably not, I'll probably end up fading away
Unremembered like the rest of hip-hop

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{"Keep your eyes focused, you can't touch this I'm (?)"}
{"About a million brothers trying to be MC's in this world"}
{"Sellout's got no worth, they better go soul search"}

(Verse 2 - PackFM)
My first memories of hip hop was pure and i felt it
Now those glory days are long gone like the Celtics
Wax coming out should be collected and melted
It's like a p**no flick cause everybody's got a 12"
It's impossible to sell sh**
The game is saturated with cats who made it
And had they're reputations fabricated
The school of hard knocks, here's my diploma: graduated
Paid my dues, here's my receipt, peep where the funds were allocated
Too many times it's been stated that to make it you gotta sell out
The window of opportunity opened, most n***a's fell out
And landed in a pile of hypocrites that swore that once they got put on
That they would start kickin' some different sh** but what they never realized
Is once they sign the contract the duplicate carbon copy was a creative d**h certificate
The point you're missing is the roll you playing is significant
A label can't put bullsh** out if you refuse to give it in
Complain about the music but you never really do sh**
You're part of the problem if you have no solution
Cats is going nowhere with their weak contribution
You can only blame yourself, we don't need no excuses

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