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Dutch Ma**ive - Pipe Dreams lyrics

[Verse 1]
I sit with lights off watching mic cords swing
Posters on the wall stars is on the ceiling
Blacklight effect and the phones unplugged
The door's locked world, I don't want to be bugged (leave me alone)
Blunt is in my hand and the fan's on high
Pages in the trash, four months have gone by
The radio is off, but the music's still on
I even dream about the day I finish writing this song
Pencil's out of lead so I picked up a pen
Now words are permanent I can't erase what just said
Silently I sit, staring at a broke clock
No thoughts, my mind's blank I think I got writer's block
sh**, I gotta stop smoking marijuana
I don't wanna but it's bad karma
And I'm far from reality
I really have no excuses
I know the d** are bad but I still keep on doing em
Ruining my future
Optimo's the size of rulers
Smoke runs through ya
Too many Valiums, forgot about my album
Music left me lonely so I started using downers
I'm going downhill, heading towards the rabbit hole
Bye bye reality, I'm never coming back home
My vision's blurry, welcome to a black out
The standard bad trip like a movie you can't act out
Suddenly my room just evolved
My pencil spun around, laughed, and stabbed me in the arm
[?] did the quick dash and broke out the window
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/junk-planet/pipe-dreams.html]
Everywhere I look it's like I'm trapped in a Nintendo
Tentacles and bubbles, B-boys and purple haze
Abstract labyrinth, Japanimation motion maze
I'm amazed, you should have seen my face
The visions that I seen were words I wrote on the page (oh, sh**!)

Who's that? That that that that?
Dutchma**ive, the dread pirate optimist
I'm having illusions, having illusions
Then stop doing d** stupid
I'm having illusions, having illusions
Then stop doing d** stupid
I'm having illusions, having illusions
Then stop doing d** stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid
When I'm trippin

Is it recording?
Alright we're recording
Ah, this is a, this is a riff I stole from a fellow in Leonia, New Jersey
Freddy Mullens: ex-h**n addict, uh, I think he blew his brain out on too much h**n, booze, and uh PCP
But anyway, he walks the streets uh, Leonia, [?], city
You don't know where he's at, but he's an interesting character because uh
He just talks in his own world
And everybody that he meets on the street, he don't know who they are, he doesn't remember em
But uh, his favorite saying is
Bourbon, magic tricks, and vaginas, vaginas and magic tricks, bourbon
Want bourbon, everybody needs bourbon and magic tricks and vaginas
Heh heh heh...

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