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Dutch Ma**ive - Dr. Ama lyrics

[Verse 1 - Dutchma**ive]
I didn't ask to be born
I don't want this life anymore
You can take it
Yo, I just waste it
Thanks a lot
I love the vote of confidence
It seems every word I say has consequence
Nothin' but a High School drop out
I shout, no respect, Dutch get out of my house
Same old sickness
Same verbal beatings
Same family meetings
Same disgusting family
I don't wanna live this way nomore
Yo, I don't wanna wake up anymore
I can't take the stress, wanna rip apart my soul
And hand you my broken heart, just to show you it's not cold
I'm growin' older, but you don't see that
I'm not responsible... but where my dad at?
I'm glad that cowad left
Lucky him, now I can't beat him to d**h

The stress is too much to take
Break down mentally, full of hate
Suicide is not an option
Must look forward, gotta stay positive

Everywhere you look there is drama
Escape reality, become a little calmer
Suicide is not an option
Must look forward, gotta stay positive

[Verse 2 - Dutchma**ive]
I practically practice patience
Always over-anxious and always frustrated
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/junk-planet/dr-ama.html]
I'm scatter-brained, I have no aim in life
And I have different views on what's wrong and right
I like to walk at night and escape reality
And go to a place that no man drug can carry me
Although I'm often messed up
But it's okay, society's wack and life is f'd up
Stressed to the point of no return
Bottle's almost empty but the blunt still burns
Growing bitter as the years go by
I used to be pure now I'm forever gettin' high
How could I let my life come to this?
I fell astray, I can't believe I fell into the dumbness
Now I'm numb so I bother
I can't alter the effects created by Dr. Ama


[Verse 3 - J.J. Brown]
Yo Dutch, It's getting harder just to sleep at night, cousin
Kids around my way in Brooklyn always bustin'
So they put my name on wax, least I've got somethin'
To call my own until the tax, then I gots nothin'
It's gettin' to the point I'm runnin' out of options bro
Try to prioritize but sh** is steady poppin' bro
I keep on waitin' for the day but it ain't stoppin' bro
If they make one more sour move then they all droppin' bro
It's code orange in my city and everybodies all cool
But if it happens again, I'm enlisting, and springin' that fool
The odds are totally against me but I'mma make it through
Kick me when I'm down but when I get back up... ooooo
Dabbled on both sides of the fence but my heart is underground
Imagine this b**h without beats produce by Celph Titled and J.J. Brown
Maintain fam, hold your head
And wear you f**in' flag, United States born and bred

[Hook] x 2

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