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Dutch Ma**ive - Fallout lyrics

[Hook 1x: Dutchma**ive]
Don't ever push us up against the wall
Beause everybody knows that Atomic gets raw
And if you step, we're gonna shatter your jaw
Cause if you're f**ing with one kid yo, you f**in with them all

[Verse 1: Celph Titled]
(Yo, who the f** are you?)
Don-Juan-steez, be razor splitting you
Rubix Cuban, unsolvable with high-tech arsenals
Shiny metal things spit something horrible
Vocal arrangements: inaudible
Pistol whip you mandatory not optional What
You stupid?!
My clique consists of dirty dawgs and Cuban mafia children
Plastic explosive play dough the money is mine if I say so
Ain't no, thing in this universe that ever could be my match
Celph Titled without fly raps is like Slick Rick without an eye patch...
Now how you like that?
Yup, my recipe's dope I'm true to the game like Jeopardy under the oath
And lethal like white boys in trench coats
Straight up and down I'm serving n***as with sixteen bar sentences
My spoken word is contagious and cancerous
I cancel kids like answering machine messages left by solicitation receptionists
Like my man Dutch Ma**ive we aggressively reppin' sh** (ain't no question kid)
Lurking in the everglades
While you at home watchin cartoons
I'll be sitting on a dock of a baaay, with a harpoon

[Hook: 2X]

[Verse 2]
And pissed off the wrong one
Hand break my pencil piece when I write this
A head storm shatter skulls
Speaking of blood sport, splattered all over all
Pearly white, fresh conscience
Blazing adrenaline behaving rude an absurd
While the outer stage criticize from the outside viewing in
Observing and stressing us, the tropics?!
f** all you cornball f**ers with no logic
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/aberfoyle-springs-compilation/fallout.html]
Bringing the heat, scorching your bare feet
Sprinting butt naked, long distance
Decking moving objects, direct shots but beaming optics
And that's the instincts of a natural atomic
You ain't hard rock
I split bricks, strictly certified blaze sh**

[Verse 3]
Light speed, I'm sonically inclined with godly insight
n***as get blown to bits like megabytes, can't f** with this, a'ight!?
Storm dash trooper, the cybernetic intelligence
The fifth element regiment, crush your residence into sediments
Encrypted flows with the centrifugal dialect
The Puerto Rican cybernetic one
Authentic while you synthetic son
I hold down the galaxy with unanimous connections
Quantum physics expert ripping holes right through your Guess shirt
The seven squadron dynasty get down and dirty violently
Walkmen officials with the emcee seeking missiles
Atomically stay blazing accurately 'bout to black out of this
Is Tampa's side of things and that's what eight-one-three's about

[Hook: 2X]

[Verse 4: Dutchma**ive]
Yo I sense anger, how you gonna diss a total stranger?
Talk about my records I'mma have to rearrange ya
Feel this laser, you're not who you pretend to be
Knock off your identity and aim for longevity
f** your concepts, I can do without your comments
The livest player on a catcher burning comet
You make me vomit, sick of all your trends
If I break all keyboards before tracks the whackness ends
Constantly stay blazing, FLA is dumb hot
No Glocks baby boy, I'll smash your jaw with a cinder block
Hard knock not, I'm just a little anti-social
But we known world wide, while y'all think we still local
My name is DutchMa**ive remember that sh**
I'm k**in kids, girls that diss me, get the di-dick
Only got a few close friends, and that's way too much
Cause soon they'll all jock us when we blow the f** up

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