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Dutch Ma**ive - Do That lyrics


"The Renaissance"

Kinda mellow
Yo, speak your mind
Gotta say what you feel

[Verse 1: DutchMa**ive]
Unhappy relationship led to an ultimatum
My voice was serious—these are the words that I gave her
"Grew up so intentioned, you could be with me forever
I'm sick of this, girl." She was like, "Yeah, whatever"
Oh word, then with you I get jocked with all the women
You know there's other fish in the sea—I'm going swimming
And I'm living in a world where love is fairly new to me
You've opened mad doors which lead to opportunities
Which reminds me, you never stood behind me
And now I'm making records, so you can kiss my hiney
Women blind me, seem to find me
Take up all my time when I should be rhyming
Some things I do not understand
Why am I such an emotional man?
Break loose as fast as I can
I'm stranded, confused—damn
I can't understand the concept of commitment
Bourgeois and bullsh** females always dissing
Y'all talk about I'm too damn serious?
It ain't my fault I'm not some silly whore who's always acting curious (Ain't my fault)
Make your mind up—you want me or not?
If so, we can do this or else you're forgot
Just another stuck-up female, can't realize what you got
Lately, I'm not a player—I just cry a lot
And I gotta get over this weakness, the sweetness
Females get too close and I seem to get speechless (Uhhh)
Saying stuff under my breath
"I ain't like you anyways, go ahead with yourself!"
Acting like you like me—you just like who I am
Wanna tell all your girls about your new fine man
Never been with the MC with an album—what a great opportunity
Too bad, shorty—you ain't my type

[Hook: Celph Titled]
When opportunity knocks, I hope you open up the door so you can
(Do that, do that, do that that that)
The benefits of taking chances may increase your finances when you
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/-/do-that.html]
(Do that, do that, do that that that)
And if you with a shorty suggesting that you should spend the night you better
(Do that, do that, do that that that)
It's the actions that we formulate from day to day enable us to
(Do that, do that, do that that that)

[Verse 2: Celph Titled]
I got a call from [?] lounging at the pay phone on 15th
And since then I've played the part of A&R slash artist
Your money? I need the pen that writes in the darkest ink
So I can sign this contract, change my life from rags to luxury (in just one blink)
Rotate myself one eighty, surprised by this fine lady on her knees
No, it's not what you think—she's proposing to me
Took the ring, made sure it fit my circumference
And since I won the lottery, man, we dragging empty Moet cans
From Tampa, Florida to the outskirts of the Andromeda
I pack enough heat to blow the mercury out the thermometer
You say, "He can't do that!"
I put my foot down, winning weightless arguments and find myself inside some clitoris
I got these b**hes wide open like obtuse angles, kid
If I was you, I'd be best friends with me so you'd have a chance to live
You bought my CD—now you wanna battle me all nervous
I'll serve you n***as 24/7—now that's customer service
Right down to the anatomical molecule
I'm the type to beat your a** and send mail bombs to you at the hospital
I stay strapped with Pandora's box cutter and a dead leprechaun
So if you feeling lucky, I'll unleash the upper echelon
Went to the courthouse but the judge didn't believe me
Stuck the bailiff with a syringe and then he started getting sleepy
Everyone got crazy shook and then the jury started panicking
So I grabbed the gat from the bailiff and they got stiffer than a mannequin
Now I'm the last man standing, receiving standing ovations
My revelations stand while giving outstanding citations (that's my word)
My frequency frequently off the engines
Signing autographs now—I'll waive my license off suspension (no doubt)
Blessed with the sk** of mind reading, taking psychic action
Bought a 900 number, taking former contraptions
In the stereo, what you tryna adjust me for?
I know I'm fly, jumping out the sky without a bungee cord


[Outro: Dutchma**ive]
Do that, do that, do that that that
(Do that, do that, do that that that)
Do that, do that, do that that that
(Do that, do that, do that that that)

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