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Dutch Ma**ive - Back on the Map lyrics

[Intro] [Sample of Busta Rhymes talking]
You know what I'm sayin'?
Now, to all those out there, tryin'...
Or is thoroughly representin' the hip hop way of life...
Bring it on!

[Verse One] [Celph Titled]
Oh yeah, we back on the map for real
We be the one's, no your BB guns can't pierce my force field
Ninja suit disguise generals
Blood spillin', fillin' up a Olympic size swimmin' pools with inner tubes
When we swing sh**
You better think quick
No it ain't a thing b**h
Y'all get extinguished
I'm a delinquent who can't think straight or focus
Drank from the Red River and ate some locus
Celph Titled, Majik Most and the Dutch master
Speed the song up shorty, you'll get f**ed faster
It really s**s that you're a rapper but that's okay
Here's a lie for you, my gat won't spray
So pa** the Jose
Cuervo and prepare fo'
The Rubix Cuban singin' baritone at the concerto
I'm am God's reincarnation director
Change you from a Flea to a Red Hot Chili Pepper
So who's the hot stepper?
When you can't walk on lava or get stretched out like spaghetti pasta
We got some heavy choppers
And some tree chippers
Paper shredders that change heads to a wee critter
This is the city of Tampa we speak Florida grammar
I'll send a card to your grandma with a heart and some handcuffs
So how you so damn tough?
Put your hand up and get a high five with a ?

[Scratch Hook] [x2]
"Go get your crew I'll k** every one"
"Back on the map"
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Bang bang bang bang" - M.O.P
"Watch me flow, step back and watch my mic blow"

[Verse Two] [DutchMa**ive]
Yo it's a cold cold world but I don't own an Avirex
So I break tape decks and live paycheck to paycheck
Beers for all y'all idiots
The F.L.A. is dumb hot
Catch me in the S, I drive it up and down your city block
[Lyrics from: https:/**ive/-/back-on-the-map.html]
Traded in my Walkman, now I crush your system
Rappers talk sh** but why should I still diss them?
Hold tight
This is the last time I battle
Your wifey's on my dick, too many cats be actin' vaginal
Screamin' talk is cheap when y'all can't afford to speak
That's why you're three albums deep and none of them got released
You think you runnin' sh**?
I run up sonin'/sunin' kids like vampire's punishment
Jump inside the Honda and hit the blunt again
Dumb hot mumblely
Y'all sound redundant
Word after word and y'all steady sayin' nothin'
From the wack rappers, wacker rappers who still frontin'
Hide your face, erase your demo tape motherf**er

[Scratch Hook] [x2]

[Verse Three] [Majik Most]
Yo, my whole team is overconfident with content remarkable
Pulitzer prize articles, the oracle
Smackin' dominoes with Castro
Cats awaitin' a maestro
Your demo get's thrown a great distance like discus
You can't diss us b**h, you're dealin' with a specialist
On that break your neck sh** like The Exorcist
So yeah, that's right
Ha ha ha stick 'em
Bust 'em in his skull
Now he's rockin' more guaze than a mummy burn victim
Slice your abdomen
Package up your organs
Send them to Oregon!
It's our time to war again
I represent Florida like the sunshine emblem
Drivin' through your house in an old Chevy Nova
Hit you and your girl while you chillin' on the sofa
Wanna see d**h?
Come a little closer
I'll leave you as a paralyzed hypochondriac
With both legs detached
Beggin' for ice pack
Smack the boom bap through your baseball cap
Majik Most motherf**ers
Back on the map
And you need a big a** thumbtack to mark that


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