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Dutch Ma**ive - Ascension lyrics

[Verse 1: JSB]
Spit off the dark matter
My pattern is mental caverns
My mental is bio hazard
To mentals, that lack the pa**ion
My pa**ion is to lack compa**ion
For pa**ive aggressive actions
That clash with my plans of actions
My demons don't like that
My demons gone fight back
Tooth and nail, clubs and axes
Knock me off of my pivot
Have me leaning on a newer axis
They access my pineal, and enhances
My 6th sense, and lavish stanzas
And turn into verbal cancer, and pa**es
Through your system like laxatives
Meaning this'll give you sh**s
This here, is traumatizing
Wake up in cold sweats, zone into a dark pit
Piss in your garments, your inner evils is vandalizing
Temptation is tantalizing
The Devil's dance is mesmerizing
This verse, you'll be memorizing
I wrote it so you'll recite it
Took the beat, laid it down, and bent it over
Had to pipe it
Mind f**, you have to like it
This requires all eyes, can't oovoo, facetime, or Skype it
Too ill, this needs no hyping
Too trill, kept hope alive with
My ills, they k** with kindness
But they'll try to homicide it
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My mind is too free for that
Stressing after the traumas, there's no need for that
Use that trauma to educate, save a soul, the world a whole
But I'm too mean for that
Ghoul sh**, savages, I still seek peace for my own f**ing cerebral
(n***a!. . .)

[Hook: JSB] 2x
They'll need to lobotomize if they expect me to subside
From the fire, that I rise, I towered a high rise
From the east side where the real beast reside

[Verse 2: MADic]
(Yo, let me at me at them, yo!)
Facing my fate now that is something I ain't used to doing
Waking and baking then straight to the face I'm major brewing
Numbing whatever coming just getting dumb and I'm running
From my thoughts but its therapeutic when I aim and spew 'em
Each of my demons I squeeze till they bleed on my loose leaf then
Leave 'em be to be free on ya CD I'm scheming
Idi Aminin slaughtering every beat that I'm seeing
Till I got logic leaking prolly should be seeking a priest or a deacon
To be treating this treasonous heathen
But instead with every breath that I'm breathing
Its stretchers this season for any heffer that step to the team cause
I'm reckless wrecking this flexing my methods beat resting in peacin'
I dip the quill in the ink my attic
When spittin' that's ya VIP ticket to witness my thinkin' so have it
I keep it a hundred and running f** humbugging
This the realist of sh** for you b**h this is MADic


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