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Duncan - Street Love lyrics

[Verse 1:]
More than life, I'm in love with breath
But was I born a wife in that hole called d**h
Got love in the streets established my rep
Ain't been behind bars yet, was raised by all vets
Taught me the ins and outs, now that I know what it's about
What would I be without (love, love, love)?
Love from thugs, know a gone crip
They show love because I wasn't scared to share blood and that was love
Say about this thing called love
You know I feel it
I feel love and I appreciate the love
All my n***as that I came up with, grew up with
You know, you know something that'll change over time, ya feel me?
It's like seasons and erosions and all that sh**, you dig?
I wanna let all you n***as know

[Verse 2:]
Hate too for all of you fake dudes that's snake dudes
Hate too for all of you fake dudes that's snake dudes
Stop saying what you gon' do, knowing you can't do sh**
Acting like life is something you can't lose
Talking sh** that you can back up or prove
For my crew, I make you pack up and move
Ran dudes like I'm from St. Lou
Shout out to Nelly and the b**hes with the apple bottoms
But I am from the district where we clap revolvers
When nobody love me, got love from mama
Chilled out, putting the work, was getting visits from karma
Dirt I could get put in my skin is the armor
So I'mma stay alive one day I might be a father
Loving my seed like I got love for my mama
Calm your a** down so you can serve out longer
All I need to do is focus on this music and write
And God love me so I'm gonna be alright (That's right)
I love that sh**, man
I love it, even though n***as hate, I still feel the love when I love the love
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Like I said before, I love the hate too, ya feel me?
Cause the hate is also love
n***as is just prideful, that's all
Y'all are forgiven
And with that said

[Verse 3:]
It's all love when I buck one 4, what up Ock?
Used to want to f** up cops because they shot up blocks
But the hood ain't gotta talk as long as the heart don't stop
Bodies outlined in chalk, when is this sh** gon' stop?
I feel the love from Georgia Ave. when I walk past madness
Take it to the Southside, still I walk past madness
In the hood, the youngins think they the baddest
Cause they got it the baddest
The money they gotta have it
Most of our parents had habits
But we had to have this
And learn from 'em, ya'll still hustlin' backwards
Fell in love with back strips, making money backflip
These street acrobatics provided me the status
Looking for pips in the night like Gladys
Avoid po' po's, you know the bright lights flashing
I'mma say I love my n***as now they might ask it
But it's too late and I ain't laying in my casket
So I love y'all n***as
I love all y'all n***as
Like I said, man, you know
Even those n***as that changed over time
Listen here

Much love to you
Cause you ain't phasing me, baby
And I forgive you, you can come back any time, I forgive you
n***as that switched up, changed up, lied and all that, you know
Cause, uhh, you gotta do stuff in the street, man that equal longevity
In order to survive, man, that's why I'm alive right now

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