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Drew Off 917 - 44 Bars (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Drew's Conscience]

[Verse: Drew Off 917]
Locked Myself at home like LeBron James
I was in my room jotting down the fake names
Of all the people who've really slept on the kid
They didn't know the kid was hotter than Madrid
I had to infiltrate the rap game so I could medicate
A music genre with codeine and intoxicate
Please God don't tell me I'm too late
Don't let rap suffocate (Oh God)
The golden child this is what I'm made for
Old friends why you fade away for
If you ain't gonna call why you in my life for
What you holding a knife for
Back stabers it's alright tho
Kendrick told me we gonna be alright tho
If everything happens for a reason
Why do people only talk to me for a season
It's kinda crazy when you think about it
I had to look myself in the mirror and say it's time for change
Soon as I'm in a problem there's no freaking help from my friends
And it's kinda strange
These people said they love me now they rearrange
As I write I see blood stains on the page
The mental suffering was there at a young age
Now my heart breaks down from all the rage
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No one believed when I said I got better
Like the splash brothers with KD more wetter
Cause I'mma bless the sound man I'm the era
Everyone say I can't make it put em on mute
No dreams out here I can't pursuit
I guess the trapped lion ain't trapped no more
Knocking people with his hammer like he freaking Thor
Not the type to play with guns I play with pens
My mind and the ink to the paper I make trends
I never leave my house the world just too corrupt
Took enough sadness in life for me to erupt
When it comes to a good vibe people interrupt
I'm everyone's friend but people think I'm their frenemy
But I don't play that you ain't a friend of me
Demons in my head telling me one thing
If I listen I'll never be the rap king
I can't let my peers down I can't drown
Writing songs all day past sundown
I only rap facts I'm the truth like Paul pierce
It's my time to shine I ain't gonna fall


[Drew's Conscience]
Yo drew you got anything else to tell them bro?

[Drew Off 917]
I got two words and then I'm out.. I'm back (Brrrrr)

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