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Dresses - Tell a Lie lyrics

When we tell a lie, we watch it float
Into clouds and worlds we can't control
In the mean time, birds go on and sing their honest songs

Had you left yourself an honest note
You'll hear your words speak on their own
And sound like a man you met so long ago

I've wasted all this time
Reciting empty lines
That cast a spell on the ones who make me whole

And I can't let myself give up the hope
That one of these days I'll have control
Till now I've known how to shape my words
So all those who love me don't get hurt
By my lengthy lists of ways to make things seem okay
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Well if I heard it right, then life is all
Just a dance you dance until you can't no more
And I've realized birds have sung the same tune all along

They say we fly, we dance for nothing more
Than to make our lives worth living for
So either way being I will be okay

I've wasted all this time

And I can't let the world engulf my soul
Cuz one of these days I'll be no more
And now my list seems a petty resort
To entertain the thoughts I had before
When I sung the lie to something wasn't
Right when I held myself no higher than me

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