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Dre Trav - Calibos lyrics

[Verse 1]
sh** changes more then diapers do
Du rags & brushes 360, Donuts like dilla
Wats goes around comes around saturns ring
Ring around the Rosie, Pocket full of posies
Roll up smoke it down it ashes, Doobies in the ashtray
Dude I'm not Devin but I rap a lot
Thoughts come off the top
Under the influence, Til' I resurface, Ocean deep
Life's a beach, Pacific Ocean
At the table wit the gods
Harry Fraud criminal minded
Cigarette boats illegal sh** Pays, 9 to 5 no way
All pops brothers in prison, Rash decisions
Heedless of the Consequences
Unconsciousness rolling black outs, Candle Light this ain't romantic
This more like pa**ion, Flow relaxed, smooth like candle wax
Waxie Paper plates, We gone all eat like Sunday dinners
Dinner rolls
We bout that bread like ducks, Wat the f**...

It's not where I'm, Its where the f** I'm goin' x4
(Goin', Goin', Goin', Goin')
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[We high, We high, We high]

[Verse 2]
Life is like riding bikes, Wanna stay balanced
Keep it movin, Focused
Life's a blur Damon Albarn
Barnes & Noble food for thought
Brain Feeder like G L K
Innovative when they play this
Creative, Art Don't Sleep, Active
Banky sh**, Pop up Random locations, Unexpected
Connected like Cuban Linx on chest, Blessed
No box of Kleenex, Fresh flowers heavenly scented
Content, Posted, don't blow my high
Head in the clouds ain't come down, No Gravity
Floating like planets
All The planets named after gods expect for earth
For wat its worth Cherish this moment
Til' we no longer to exist, exit

It's not where I'm, Its where the f** I'm going x4
(Going, Going, Going, Going)
[We high, We high, We high]

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