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Drayco McCoy - Tears On The Backwoods lyrics

Yeah, I'm recording the album so I'm gon call you back in
a minute

And I pulled up like vroom
Hop out the hoopty like, oooh
Your shawty spot me she lookin like mmm
sippin lean on my new supreme hoody like oooh
Shoot shook on them homies we shooting like boom (boom)
Baby come show me them boobs
I don't wann see them unless they is icey
Just bought a grill that sh** lookin like hi-c
Boy better trip cause you know you won't fight me
I just wanna be alone
since 13 felt like I was grown
was only 10 when I first had a glock
when I turned 17 was the first time I smoked
Got my heart broken by family first
No b**h could ever ever do me wrong
When I lick blunts the only time I flirt
Roll up the remedy, sing it a song
Me and authority don't get along
Mama can't even tell me what to do
She kicked me out of her mof**in home
boy, why the f** would I listen to you

Man all these n***as foo foo
Please don't make you shoot you
f** n***a season, n***a, I'm huntin for the foo foo
Fully Automatic Drayco is back
Aim it at yo wifey face then I splat
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Show me my opponent
Shoot him at a show up ain't no body else want it
f**ed her and her fat friend
That sh** was a bonus
Cause shawty had a pack and she let me grab an O for the free
Back of the cla** and I'm grown cause I cheif
Baby it's your boyfriend it's gone and she freaky
Back in the back and I'm going to skeet
Child conceived
She'll say that it's yours
You been my enemy anyway
You forgot bout that sh**, but I still remember
I feel like this sh** just happened yesterday
But that's not cause of you, boy that's just my temper
I'm cold like the 6 when it's in december
Consumin this liquor what is a liver
Soon as I walk in n***as get the shivers
Stop talking or end dead in a river, p**y n***a

I be deep at your thot like I'm a roadrunner
They can't see me or my squad they gon need ghost hunters
Now everybody need things, I might got me a new phone number
I'll just lala I'm tweakin
drivin like I'm finna go somewhere
I'm rollin rollin stearin smokin that good
Goin in like a Mac schould
Emo b**h with me gettin tears on a backwood
She gettin tears on a backwood
She gettin tears on a backwood

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