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Drake - 2 On lyrics

[Produced by DJ Mustard & Noah "40" Shebib]
[Reproduced by JAYBeatz]

[Intro: Amir Royale]

[Verse 1: SlimJayy]
Slip away, get away
The fire escape is my escape to climb away free
To the place where my face os brighter than sun rays
On the day with a 90 degree beach—it's lit
The birds out, I'm winging my life
"So what we get drunk", I'm singing it right
Tryna bring it tonight despite all the strifes
Got a plane ticket for two, for me and the wife
Bang, bang, we headed to the Fuji
Panties expose the booty
Her only duties to do me and do me she'll do like Scooby
Excuse the foolies, I'm cruisin' for two weeks
Ha, my life is a damn movie
I'm set with these ladies bringing the action
Paparazzi get personal when I get to rappin'
Strap in, cause I'm going to bomb
Going to Guam, I think we got too much on
What up?

[Hook 1: Amir Royale & SlimJayy]
I'd love to get on
I'd love to get 2 On
We love to get going
We love to prove you wrong
And she'd love to get it too
And get a few tries
(Oh really?)
Well we'll find out tonight
If that'll happen at all

[Verse 2: Amir Royale]
Gotta get it, gotta, gotta get it
Get the money bags
Waiters and then be the one percentage
Feeling 100, like July in '99
Girl, your looks too fine
Go ahead and be my paramedic
Be my Yoko Ono, pop it for me one time
You should probably come around and call me Papi sometime
And you could try to blame me for what happened one time
But you should know that only ever happened one time 'cuz—
I was mobbing in the hood, now they say I'm robbin'
When I'm snatching up the pretty girls
Yeah I do it, what you really gonna do about it?
You don't see me act a fool about it
Till I'm retired and tired, I'm tired of tiring the home boys
We gotta get away from home boys, some way
Jay, the fire escape is our escape to break free
Still tryna live right and stay me, for the game and the ladies
Bout to throw a party just to celebrate accomplishments
Forget the nonsense doc, we stress free

[Bridge 1: SlimJayy]
It's gotta be the God in me to get you out of me
Undoubtedly you're doubting me
But Imma show I'm allowed to be
A little rowdy, huffy and pouty
Body to body hottie in the lobby
Signing autographs for the paparazzi

[Bridge 2: Amir Royale & SlimJayy]
Pop it for me
A&S: Go ahead and let me see ya
Let's—bang, bang
A&S: Onomatopoeia

[Bridge 3: Amir Royale]
We could take it over golden child
Go wild, do a Lil Twist with ya hips
Like, you know how you want it right?

[Bridge 4: Amir Royale & SlimJayy]
You the baddest
You the meanest
So you gon' help me keep it
What up?
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[Hook 2: Amir Royale & SlimJayy]
I'd love to get on
I'd love to get 2 On
When the feeling gets strong
And the weight gets too large
She'd love to get it too
And get a few tries
(For real?)
But you barge in every night
And I'm thinking about you

[Interlude: Amir Royale]
I've been thinking about you
I've been thinking about you girl
I've been thinking about you
I've been thinking about you
You're on my mind, on my mind
But you're not mine, you're not mine
I've been thinking about you
Only you, only, only you
I've been thinking about you
Just you, only, only you
You the one (I've been thinking)
You the one (I've been, I've been thinking)

[Verse 4: Amir Royale]
Where you been at?
Too far away
Too far from my touch
Too much, too much
You just, you just—
Just throw your hair back, let's face it
I ain't never seen no one like you
There is just no one like you
No one like you
What do you want me to do, about you?
You know you complete with me
And no one can compete with you
It's true, it's true
You know it's true
(What up?)

[Verse 5: Amir Royale]
Ya'll should write a book about me
I'm a Gatsby, ya'll don't even know me
Ya'll don't really feel me
Ya'll don't ever call just to check up on Roy
Cause as soon as he in trouble you go running up the block
But I'm all in for you
Ya two faced poker jokers love me just a little bit
But Cookie love me back when I had just entered this
My boy L still do and he just moved
Guess we all move, since childhood
Cause my home is now my hood
I could take the E
Meet you at the middle of Queens, at the center mall
Baby we could have it all together
Ms. Midsummer Night's Dream, why gotta be a Socrates?
Cause see all this, I did it all for you
And you don't have to want it
But at least you still a muse, Blue

[Speech: Amir Royale & SlimJayy]
Hold up
Imma let this rock real quick
DJ Mustard, Tinashe, Mr. Graham
Thank You
Amir Royale!
Turn it up
High Volume
Let's go!
Put your hands up in the air one time for me
Come on!

[Outro: Amir Royale]
Baby, you deserve the spotlight
Go put on a show girl
Show me what you know girl
Imma put you on tonight
I'd love to get 2 On

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