Dr. Dre - #WestCoastDrama lyrics

#WestCoastDrama lyrics


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Song: “#WestCoastDrama" Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producers: Sinima Beats in the style of Dr. Dre Hook Verse 1 Thats on my mamma i been running with gangs from oxnard to st. louis since I was like 8 years old Squabbles developed your block to carry weapons, Kids hitting like grown men chin checking My Granny wasn't sending the cops to no doors, My daddy diddnt preach at the church he pimped who*es My mamma smoked crack under age and died poor, We been funkin with Oxnard PD since 84 Who the fuc* won't war, the chop stuck in the whip, Graveyard to twelve pm lunch, I'm with the sh** One ni**@ with a K, 10 dead holding they weapons, I don't bang I bang on gangs like Blake Griffin, with hot lead I Pop fled, looking scared like I'm a victim, Enemies ever cross my path i don't miss them Or leave letting anything breath its suicide, I treat the rappers that you pay to a lyrical homicide Hook Verse 2 And sh** on the n***a that they supposedly pa**ed the torch, like sh**ting on a fresh lit grill they a** tortched The only kind of torch I see, I ain't never made a choice gang bang, A mark made a choice to bang on me Why the f** would I diss or try to mug you, when I could just walk up and boom boom boom boom A bunch of b**hes on YouTube looking like a fed case waiting to happen Gang Banging ain't rapping, Hip hop videos ain't continuing a criminal interprise on camera you dumb f**s Is f**ing up the game, Music flat out sound like sh**, Does that explain why the cops still in y'all sh** It's a fact when the feds come through, extorting n***as like me, and then n***as like you Hop on the same radar as n***as like, and they start f**ing with you I'm gone time my sh** and get it off quickly

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