Dr. Dre - "To Enslave a #MockingBird" lyrics

"To Enslave a #MockingBird" lyrics


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Song: “#MockingBird” Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producer: Dr. Dre Verse 1 It's a ice cold game when it rains it pours Every direction I turn is a slamming door But I can't see myself fall to the floor Or let anybody that try to break me down succeed at it anymore Since I was 5 all I wanted to do was just play some ball Now I'm a man that same dream don't really mean nothin at all They told me be a good person but that type of state of mind Enabled people to step on me every single time I fall Some times I feel like sprinting clean through a brick wall But then reality strikes before I even make it that far Then I look in the mirror asking myself what the hell were you thinking And fall down on my knees thanking god that I wasn't drinking Or doing d** Cause ain't no telling how I'd probably end up That will mean that my talents were simply waisted sick it make me want to throw up Gang signs but that already got me shot at and stabbed I can't walk that rout no more plus I'm a dad I can't even imagine my beautiful baby being treated as half as bad as I used to get it That's why I feel like I can't let nobody beat me spitting lyrics I hope it's somebody out there that really listen the way I deliver parts of my soul and display the glistening Of my heart, position of a dream that fell apart or the felling that you get after your car won't even start On a day when the rent is late and plus if you show up late one more time you getting fired on the spot Damn, my live is like a nightmare translated and when it hit reality I'm hoping like hell I make it But if I don't then I guess I'll just be another memory of great things that was supposed to come that somebody didn't want see It's like I'm losing my focus and hocuspocus won't save me from thoughts of wicked demons trying to enslave me Some times I want to write a letter to Big Snoop Dogg and beg him to show what it was he doin that helped him make it sh** I'm tripping I'm not just another fan and matter fact asking for nothing ain't even part of my plan The only person I beg for something is god that's it that's all and every other thought is a fraud The only message I got for people that's listening is when the world try to step on you don't ever give in That's the conclusion to all the words in this chapter Signing off its Ron-Loc Mr. microphone adapter

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