Dr. Dre - “#SnoopDoggWithAClitSlapped” #LosAngeles #DissRecord lyrics

“#SnoopDoggWithAClitSlapped” #LosAngeles #DissRecord lyrics


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Song: “#SnoopDoggWithAClitSlapped” #LosAngeles #DissRecord Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producer: Dr. Dre Verse 1 I don't even want to eat right now, My stomach all fuc*ed up from going throughout a pack of black and milds in a morning Couldn't sleep and wow, Im having nightmares that the california highway patrol men done put a bounty on my Head psycologically Just Imagine my space, Snoopy Camp shooting subliminals but I ain't for play, n***as was really riding through the streets to records you wrote, Imagine n***as catching bodies to you find out you hoe, Imagine n***as with them choppers wife and kids on the floor, Aftermath of the mathamatics FuQ win lose or draw, for playing with me no insulting my family card, Beefing with all my last breath to put you under the yard, Ya catalog reflect a dope fiend bunch of fancy producers, n***as was jealous of 2 PAC now you and Suge taking pictures, Just imagine as the preachers reading scriptures, Its k**ers pointing choppers at your casket still trying to hit ya, Just imagine Dr. Dre through the bullsh** when you ran off to New Orleans and hid, like a dog with a clit, And came home pushing Goldie Loc and Tray Dee sh**, DJ Battle Cat the only thing I was f**ing with, So nowadays we hustle on this internet sh**, I got access to the beats to show who can't rap for sh**, I practice what you preach and f** you up every sentence, They question johnny kokran, yo b**h a** is a whitness, Taunting n***as murda was that they gave you, Ain't nobody chase the car f** the Outlaws two, The Karma got you phonies all togather, If pac was still breathing he would f** with n***as never, he would have cut yall b**hes like the quad studio crowd, Except it would have been the phonie a** business men on the west, Im the wrath of what happen when the real mafia, spot the k**ers of a made man, grey headed n***as still dropping mixtape's damn “Hook” This is how I leave a Snoopy Dogg with a clit Slap, My Raps to Gangsta for me to call you a b**h back (Repeat) Verse 2 You was at the white house for how you give white investors head, It was that n***a john carey trying to get in obamas head, Cause he was mad at some bullsh** George Bush said, And you was trying to catch up with Jay Z except obama didn't invite you, that sh** was just grounds for a scandle but you know you to old to go to Jail in DC, like the house of Blues show when you got cold feet, You was acting kinda with it pac was really in the street, The whole d**h Row protection was the Compton Police, They was putting in work an then blaming Crips and Bloods, And Suge Knight crooked a** had the plug, If you was f**ing with the LAPD, Then you the same kind that the Las Vegas PD, caint even steal a f**ing bag of chips how they miss pac, floyd ain't got the same love on my block, Simalian pirates with the choppers out collecting investors names It ain't no choice if you born black, people choose to be gay So when it come to civil right how in the f** we the same, when gays work for 200 free murdered raped & beat, politically you'll get your issues pushed with priority “Hook” This is how I leave a Snoopy Dogg with a clit Slap, My Raps to Gangsta for me to call you a b**h back (Repeat)

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