Dr. Dre - "#PsychologicalDetoxification" #PreachersOfLA #DissRecord lyrics

"#PsychologicalDetoxification" #PreachersOfLA #DissRecord lyrics


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Song: “#PsychologicalDetoxification”#PreachersOfLA #DissRecord Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producer: Dr. Dre Verse 1 I can feel you p**y n***as looking at me sideways, bet the .50 cal strap will hit him from a block away Automatic head shot any time me or my k**ers spray, god cross ya mind knock him off wile the n***a pray Reverin I don't think the Church gone save you, n***as selling dope while they mammas come pay you Constantly war ing with devil cause I love GOD, I got it with the ones on earth who call they self taking charge I really read the bible, I can see through you, put that choppa on his a**, really see through you Label my kind with demons cause I never look or speak to you, Do him like he do the church Stick up and say the bills due Muthaf**a I don't really wanna smoke you, Mind your crooked a** business and I'm a mind mine too The same preacher told his crowd I had a foul mouth, was f**ing my grand mamma inside my grandaddy house While he was married to my auntie, Oh now I know why n***as ain't f**ing with me, Waiting on me to turn around so they can stick a dagger in me, like the old neighbor you slept so close to, right there arms reach k**ers? what the f** fool, Boss and black tone the only n***as on my album, Reallest n***as I know, a peace sign a count them loc, Subliminal a** n***a i ain't throwing punch lines, I point blank range RPG mine Cause you never had beef in any city, mamma kept him so close, he talk his lips will touch her titty I Bang Gangsta Rap like its the California card You caught a dope case and everybody disappeared, You was snitching in a cell with a wire in it, Every body in the streets know been did it, He got his chest poked out acting like he feared My own family shot and missed, Bet I won't

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