Dr. Dre - #Nightmare #SnoopDogg, #ChrisBrown, #LilWayne, #WorldWide, #DissRecord lyrics

#Nightmare #SnoopDogg, #ChrisBrown, #LilWayne, #WorldWide, #DissRecord lyrics


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Song: “#Nightmare” Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, #WorldWide, #DissRecord Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producers: Dr. Dre & DJ Quik Verse 1 Something like a 64 I RIDE THE flow on lean Do you like the sh*t that got wane and chris thinking they red ragging If ni**as bang you in Cali Loc I'm gunning at you Trigga finger firm breath steady fuc* running at you Sh*t I probably only burn .4 calories To let these bitc*es know gang banging not R&B Instead of notes its kays, instead of stage its blocks On the set Ill make Chris Brown Dance like Michael with the Glock How he grew up doin, we seen the films already what the fuc* you proving On my mama for I Could talk, two years under 4 A Oxnard police raid pancaked me battle ram through the door So how the fuc* was I supposed to grow up dancing With two broken collar bones and broken hands b**h Your only squabbles with Rhianna drake and frank ocean Microphone Mafia dare you test my California Loc'n Now I'm back to the block where ni**as do stocks off pot And who the fuc* caught slipping in the OX Through the St. Louis City bricks since six I've been ducking shots from grown men off hennesy With revolvers tommy guns and gauges Im talking about sh*t that ain't even got nothing to do with gang banging The damu card probably in the hundred thousand How many successful ones done started Chris Browning And Wayne came out of the Pen and dissed New York So every dope beat he ever rap on I gotta torch Like madden hit sticking at the surface of the sun Nicki yo hottest artist ever thats her home town sun Or maybe not cause sometimes she switch that Like talk with a european accent, sitting on the back burner of a chick flick Cause they want to manipulate her acting, they doing role models kim kardashian From gabriel union to the chick the prince of england married If muthafuc*as think racism barried, lets say fuc* slave retribution and promote gays getting married And hope tv and the media and socially manipulated conversation, can psychologically make ni**as feel Food stamps and unemployment is something better than instant access to education at the cost 5 times Of what they ever gone be making America's profit built on that very foundation, So lyrically I'm masterminding dumb fuc*s information That they brains can't fall asleep and wake up with Cause paranoia depression & post traumatic from the same sh*t that white people trained the slaves with But black parents turn around and do the sh*t raising they kid, and every white kids got a story even worse than theirs Cause now a days they parents kicking them to the curb, so now you cla**ically conditioned to believe that the sh**s ok And even if you reject it how the fuc* you bout to cope, You Just another muthafuc*@ on this earth bout to explode I'm saying its never been racism no way, cause the haves been fuc*ing the have nots since the early days They just picking the times to make them broke and mad to come get yo a** And the budgets is all planned, so everybody checks is on a schedule manipulated by a superior And up the latter until the sh*ts then multiplied by investors who are split up by success full families across the world United nations is the puppets for the media and the ones with the true status in position to manipulate the Grants for the programs and business proposals hold the status and hire people to design what they want to fulfill they dreams and die old pa**ing the sh*t down to the next generation, at the end of the day what the fuc* that leave me with, a set of balls, a pistol and common sense, so I'm doing rap songs, potentially won't exist cause the sh*ts garbage any ways and going to do the same sh*t, that soulja boy romeo and bow wow catalog did My mixtape catalog reflect a hip hop graveyard, tombstones of hit singles of ni**as flexing like they hard I want to be famous for making MC's quit and get a Job, Even if you a gangsta you ain't fuc*ing with the bars Plus you will have a better chance at that sh*t anyway, I started shooting diss songs what the fuc* the ni**a Snoop Say He put on some make up and was riding through the city, Old trash and mad, put out A Wack Mixtape with Kurupt and Daz Ni**a I'm dying on the block shooting ain't no pa**, You could see it in my eyes gone test my wrath Reflect a gorilla out the jungle but I do good math, I hit a composition call of duty team d**hmatch Rolling 6 ni**as deep with the 805 tag, Doing competition 25 straight except with the tracks Outro "#HostileAndHungry6"

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