Dr. Dre - 1-900-2-COMPTON (Interlude) lyrics

1-900-2-COMPTON (Interlude) lyrics


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Oi motherf**er Get yo' motherf**in' hands off me motherfukin' police officer Ei , f** you bullsh** f** that sh** man, I'm tired of you motherf**ers f**in wit me (f** you up) always gettin' bust on, motherf**er, sh**. y'all Always tweakin man Just get in the motherf**in' cell and shut the f** up sh** man, I'm tired of you motherf**ers f**in' with me all the time man, I'm tired of this sh** man. I'mma call my b**h, she gonna come get me up out this motherf**er, ei, what you smiling at in the corner n***a? Shut up and pa** me a cigarette fool. Man I'm tellin' you my b**h gonna come get me up outta here [Phone Ring] Hello? Hello Leroy? b**h this ain't no motherf**in' Leroy, ei I'm in motherf**in' jail, you better come get me up outta here, it's me baby wa**up!? First of all I ain't yo' b**h, Second of all I ain't commin' to get you out of (ahh f** that ) motherf**in' nowhere, motherf**er Nah f** you f** you! f** you Ai, to ai, you better come pick me up from this motherf**er, that's all I know. Ei ei what you talkin' bout phone check n***a, you better wait your turn fool. Ei come get me up outta here baby, that's all real. Ei, if you don't I tell my other b**h to come get me, f** it, I just drop you, f** it [Music] Yo' wa**up n******gs and n**ettes. If you ever have a problem like this don't call that broke a** n***a you got, and don't call that sorry b**h that don't give a f** about you anyways. What you need to do is call 1-900-2-Compton (well all right!) 1-900-2-Compton, that's 1-900-2-Compton. This show was sponsored by the n******gs that don't give a f** phone line

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