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Donny - Fresh- f** Ya Feelings (Prod. By Donny) lyrics

[Verse 1]
They're praying on my downfall
And they got the nerve to ask why I stay the f** from round y'all?
God damn
f** a feature, I don't waste a verse
Say my name? motherf**er you better make one first
Okay okay, please homie carry on
Your punches have gotta reach like you're Larry Holmes
Yeah, don't take that or this as a compliment
Bar for bar lyrically, you're my opposite
We don't believe the act homie call it off
Type to fire blanks then act as if its a warning shot
You the dude on the court who starts lying
When they down by ten acting like you was never trying, huh?
Keep it a hunnit, you a Benjamin Button
Old news that dies young, lemme know how you want it? huh?
I see into their feminine traits
So let 'em hate
Middle finger to you sensitive drakes
And f** ya feelings

Yeah f** ya feelings
Yeah, yeah f** ya feelings

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I don't give a f** 'bout you and ya feelings, you can keep 'em to ya self
Cause I ain't one to show no sympathy
You ain't sh** to me, better off closing your mouth

[Verse 2]
I ain't married to the game, just been in it a while
So the bar gets raised like an illegitimate child
Still with the syllable style to show I'm a level above ya
Testicle s**er, crush ya molecular structure
Hit you with so many lefts, you'll be seeing white
Then black out from all these equal rights
I don't give a f** uh who want it now?
Hope ya arm strong if ya moon walking now
Or start playing it safe, don't be saying my name
Cause you'll get left in the gutter if you don't stay in ya lane
Ya feel me?
You'd be nothing without the gimmick that ya fans imitate
Feeling like Shawn Michaels, I'll kick Stan in the face
Yeah Flowkingz baby
Catching a body on a beats no thing baby
You took a couple shots, feeling hard
Don't make me cut your buzz short and 86 you from the bar


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