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Donny Brook - Cold Confusion lyrics

Blood bearing spore soaked mind field
Captain cap poisoned thought swirl
Skein jungle knot, skein Vacant proof, False truth;

Cold confusion, Cold confusion

A quest for knowledge that seems an inch out of reach
Depression steals dreams as broken hopes wash ashore on d**h's beach

On d**h's beach(3x)
Cold confusion(3x) cold confused

Rogue mobocratic silence
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Disordered plot, sanity rot(2x) mystery mystery

Opinionated mental intrusion, a fitting stage for cold confusion
Opinionated mental intrusion

A silence sits alone from a lack of communication
A mind destroys itself in the hands of interpretation
A voice is downed by an opposition
An empty thought contains useless contradiction

On d**h's beach(3x)
cold confusion(3x) cold confused(repeat chorus A)
Depression steals dreams as broken hopes was ashore on d**h's beach ashore on d**h's.....

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