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Donny Brook - A Better Way To Waste Your Life lyrics

When I was young I caught a snowflake in my hand of beautiful design
It melted after a brief existance in a whispers decline
Let us pretend we are not beasts of the field
Let us, Let us, Let us escape invisible cages
Define risk and you will find they erase all the minds
By routines as wisdom is left for sages

I've got a better way to waste your life
Seasons change, you know I'm right, seasons change

The artery of perception limits potential progress
The machine wears a suit made out of the unmotivated desireless
To the beholder at heart the ties of all choice, the risks of the wants
And opinions of voice can evade the overcast that obscures desire
I knock your ladder, who is the madder?
Reunite your mind to your soul of high(2x)(repeat chorus)

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When earth was young she held a people in her hand of beautiful design
It melted after a brief existance in a whispers decline
What's that sound? A crack of a future residing in nowhere?
Restraint of chain? The twisted maze of the murmors insane?
The insects of greed swarming their next bite?
Lost centuries of dreams, slay the king and queen
Reunite your mind
Reunite your mind to your sould of high(2x)

Place your suffering on the shelf of the victimized centuries
Relieve your suffering, embed the bullet of hope deep in your chest, Lodged into your chest
Educate your suffering, cleanse the bodies stacked centuries high
Please my suffering, experience the breath that you have been given
Your life is only one, swimming in the seas of the unknown(2x)
Erase your view and lift a stone, realize that the future is your own
The perspective alone, life is only one
My life is only one, yeah

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